Champion vs Duralast Battery

The main difference between the Champion AGM and Duralast Platinum AGM batteries is that the Champion has a 4-year no-hassle warranty while the Duralast has a 3-year warranty.

Champion vs Duralast

This table is designed to help you quickly grasp the differences between the options presented.

Feature Champion AGM Duralast AGM
Brand Champion Duralast
Model AGM Battery, Group Size H7 AGM Battery, BCI Group Size 94R
Price $209.99 $249.99
Warranty 4 years 3 years
Battery Technology AGM AGM
Group Size H7 94R
CCA 850A at 0°F 850A
CA 1000A at 32°F 1000A
Reserve Capacity 140 minutes 140 minutes
Positive Terminal Location Right side Top right front
Negative Terminal Location Not specified Top left front
Length 12.44 in 12.44 in
Width 6.94 in 6.93 in
Height 7.5 in 7.5 in
Weight 54 lbs 52 lbs
Voltage 12V 12V

Battery Technology

Both batteries use Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. This type of lead-acid battery contains electrolyte that is absorbed into a glass mat separator.

AGM batteries are spill-proof and can withstand vibrations better than traditional flooded lead-acid batteries.


The Champion AGM battery comes with a 4-year no-hassle warranty, which provides a longer coverage period than the Duralast Platinum.

The Duralast Platinum AGM battery has a 3-year free replacement warranty. So, while the coverage is shorter, Duralast provides free replacements during the warranty period.

Group Size

The group size refers to the dimensions of the battery and terminal configuration. This ensures the battery will adequately fit the vehicle’s battery tray.

The Champion uses group size H7, while the Duralast Platinum is group size 94R. Though different sizes, both batteries use a standard group size that will fit most vehicles. However, it’s important to check double-check it matches your vehicle’s requirements.

Cold Cranking Amperage

The cold cranking amperage (CCA) measures the battery’s ability to start the engine in cold temperatures.

Both batteries have a CCA rating of 850A at 0°F. This high CCA rating allows both batteries to provide reliable starting power even in extreme cold.

Cranking Amperage

Cranking amps (CA) measure the battery’s cranking power at 32°F. The Champion AGM has a CA rating of 1000A at 32°F compared to 1000A for the Duralast Platinum AGM.

The equal CA ratings mean both batteries can provide the same high-cranking power in moderate temperatures.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity indicates how long the battery can run a vehicle if the alternator fails. It is measured in minutes. The Champion AGM has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes, while the Duralast Platinum AGM is rated for 140 minutes as well.

The matched reserve capacities mean both batteries can power the vehicle’s electronics for an extended period if the alternator stops working.


The Champion AGM battery is more affordable at $209.99 compared to $249.99 for the Duralast Platinum AGM battery.

So, while the Duralast costs $40 more, you are paying for the enhanced AGM technology and likely longer overall service life.

Terminal Location

The Champion AGM has the positive terminal on the right side. The negative terminal location is not specified.

On the Duralast Platinum AGM, the positive terminal is located on the top right front, and the negative terminal is on the top left front. Having marked terminal locations aids in proper installation.


The Champion AGM measures 12.44 in. length x 6.94 in. width x 7.5 in. height. The Duralast Platinum AGM is slightly more compact at 12.44 in. length x 6.93 in. width x 7.5 in. height.

The close dimensions mean both batteries should fit similar vehicle battery trays. Always confirm dimensions before purchase.


At 54 lbs, the Champion AGM weighs slightly more than the Duralast Platinum AGM at 52 lbs.

The 2 lb weight difference is minor, and both batteries are on the heavier side. The increased weight helps improve stability and durability.


Both the Champion and Duralast Platinum AGMs have a voltage rating of 12V. This standard automotive battery voltage allows the batteries to be used as replacements for most vehicle battery applications.

Additional features of the Champion AGM battery include:

  • Unique cycling capability and fast recharge
  • Minimized corrosion for longer life
  • Non-spillable design

Additional features of the Duralast Platinum AGM:

  • 2x cycle life of conventional batteries
  • Enhanced vibration resistance
  • Superior starting in cold weather
  • Resists internal heat corrosion

Our Observation
Both the Champion and Duralast AGM batteries offer robust starting power and cycling capability. The Champion’s higher 140 min reserve capacity and lower $209 price make it a great value.

However, the Duralast is engineered specifically for start-stop vehicles with its spill-proof design. Drivers prioritizing longer 4-year warranty coverage and reserve capacity should go with the Champion AGM.

For start-stop vehicles, the Duralast is likely the better pick despite the higher $249 cost. Overall, most drivers will be well-served by either battery, though the Champion AGM’s superior warranty and price give it the edge.

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