Duralast Platinum EFB Battery Review

The main difference between the Duralast Platinum EFB battery and a conventional flooded battery is the enhanced flooded battery (EFB) technology.

EFB batteries use advanced engineering to increase charge acceptance and battery cycle life, providing more power and longer life compared to standard flooded batteries.

Duralast Platinum EFB

Specification Details
Battery Technology Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Vehicle Type Modern vehicles with high electrical demands
Starting Power Superior
Original Equipment Recommended for vehicles with advanced electronics
Group Sizes 34, 47, 24F, 35, 48, 49, 51R, 65, 94R, 124R, 24, 27F, 400, 401, 51, 78, 95R, 96R
Cold Cranking Amps 340A to 950A
Cranking Amps 425A to 1060A
Reserve Capacity 45min to 170min
Average Price $249.99

Battery Technology

The Duralast Platinum uses Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) enhanced flooded battery (EFB) technology. EFB batteries include proprietary carbon additives that speed up recharging and allow the battery to run more electrical accessories without draining the battery. This advanced technology gives the EFB battery 1.5 times the cycle life of a conventional flooded battery.


The Duralast Platinum EFB battery comes with a full 3-year replacement warranty. This warranty covers the battery for 3 years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. If the battery fails during these 3 years, it will be replaced free of charge.

Group Size

The Duralast Platinum EFB is available in a wide range of group sizes to fit most vehicles, including 34, 47, 24F, 35, 48, 49, 51R, 65, 94R, 124R, 24, 27F, 400, 401, 51, 78, 95R, 96R. With all these group-size options, the Duralast Platinum can replace the battery in most modern vehicles.

Cold Cranking Amperage

The cold cranking amps (CCA) of the Duralast Platinum range from 340A for smaller batteries up to 950A for higher-capacity batteries.

The 340A-950A CCA range provides excellent starting power even in extremely cold temperatures. More CCA means faster and more reliable engine starts.

Cranking Amperage

In addition to cold cranking amps, the Duralast Platinum also delivers ample standard cranking amperage. The cranking amps range from 425A to 1060A. This high-cranking power ensures fast starts and ample power to run vehicle accessories.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity of the Duralast Platinum spans from 45 minutes up to 170 minutes, depending on battery size. This extended reserve capacity provides prolonged power to continue running vehicle electronics and accessories even when the alternator is not recharging the battery while driving.


With an MSRP of $249.99, the Duralast Platinum provides premium AGM-EFB technology and performance at a very competitive price point compared to similar AGM batteries.

Terminal Location

The Duralast Platinum has a standard top terminal post configuration to replace most original equipment batteries directly. Both the positive and negative terminals are located on the top of the battery for easy access.


Since the Duralast Platinum comes in so many group sizes, the dimensions vary depending on capacity. Typical sizes range from:

  • Length: 7.5” – 12.4”
  • Width: 3.8” – 7.6”
  • Height: 7.5” – 8.1”

Always check your vehicle battery compartment size before purchasing.


Battery weight ranges from around 18 pounds up to 60 pounds, depending on group size. While heavy, the robust lead-acid construction ensures durability.


The Duralast Platinum batteries provide a typical lead-acid voltage of 12 volts for compatibility with most vehicle electrical systems.

Additional Features

Some other notable features of the Duralast Platinum Battery include:

  • Vibration-resistant construction prevents damage from road vibrations.
  • Corrosion-resistant positive and negative grids extend service life.
  • Calcium alloy increases performance and life in hot climates.
  • Robust grip handle for easy installation and removal.

Our Observation
The Duralast Platinum EFB Battery is designed for modern vehicles with high electrical demands and advanced electronics. It offers superior starting power, advanced technology, and improved durability and corrosion resistance compared to conventional batteries.

With 1.5 times the cycle life, faster recharging, and a full 3-year replacement warranty, the Duralast Platinum EFB is the best choice for newer vehicles requiring more electrical power. Its premium construction and proven performance make it our top recommended battery option.

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