Autocraft Vs Duralast Battery

The main difference between Duralast Gold and Autocraft Gold batteries is the battery technology. Duralast Gold uses a conventional flooded lead-acid design, while Autocraft Gold uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology.

AGM batteries have electrolytes suspended in glass mats instead of liquid, which makes them sealed, spill-proof, and mountable in any orientation. It will help you better comprehend the distinctions.

Duralast vs Autocraft Table

This table of comparison will allow you to quickly comprehend the distinctions.

Feature Autocraft Gold Duralast Gold
Technology Absorbent Glass Mat Flooded Lead-Acid
Warranty 3 years free replacement 3 years free replacement
Reserve Capacity 150 minutes 120 minutes
Cold Cranking Amps 850 Amps 850 Amps
Battery Life 4-6 years 3-5 years
Price $$$ $$
Maintenance Maintenance-free Requires water refills
Position Mountable in any position Upright only
Spillproof Yes No
Vibration Resistance Excellent Good
Weight 45 lbs 46 lbs
Group Size 65 65
Voltage 12V 12V

Battery Technology

As mentioned above, the key differentiator is the battery technology. Duralast Gold batteries use a traditional flooded lead-acid battery design. The battery contains liquid sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. This is a proven, cost-effective technology but requires more maintenance as the liquid electrolyte can spill.

Autocraft batteries use absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology. Instead of a liquid electrolyte, the electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mats between the battery plates.

This makes AGM batteries spillproof and allows them to be mounted in any position. AGM batteries also have a longer service life and can withstand more charge/discharge cycles.


Duralast and Autocraft batteries have strong warranty coverage to protect your investment. Duralast Gold batteries have a 3-year free replacement warranty. So, if the battery fails within the first three years, you can get a free replacement battery.

Autocraft batteries also have a 3-year warranty, but it is listed as a “free replacement” warranty. This likely means you can get a free replacement battery within three years if the battery meets the warranty conditions.

Overall, the warranties are very comparable between the two brands. They both provide three years of coverage or replacement, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Group Size

The group size refers to the physical dimensions of the battery and the type of vehicle it fits. Both Duralast and Autocraft offer batteries in group size 65, which fits a wide range of popular passenger vehicles.

The Duralast Gold 65 and Autocraft Gold 65 have identical dimensions:

  • Length: 12.06 inches
  • Width: 7.56 inches
  • Height: 7.56 inches

So whether you choose Duralast or Autocraft, you can expect the group 65 batteries from both brands to fit in most vehicles for this group size physically.

Cold Cranking Amps

Cold cranking amps (CCA) measure how much current a battery can deliver at 0°F to start an engine. The higher the CCA, the greater your starting power in cold weather.

The Autocraft Gold 65 battery has 850 CCA, while the Duralast Gold 65 has 850 CCA. Both batteries deliver an impressive 850 cold-cranking amps, providing robust starting power even in frigid temperatures. This performance is on par with most original equipment batteries.

Cranking Amps

Cranking amps are similar to cold cranking amps but measure current delivered at 32°F. Autocraft rates their Gold 65 battery at 1000 cranking amps. The Duralast Gold 65 is also rated at 1000 cranking amps.

Again, this shows how evenly matched the two batteries are regarding starting power. Both batteries deliver ample current to turn over your engine, whether it’s freezing cold or a temperate day.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity indicates how long a battery can deliver 25 amps while maintaining a voltage above 10.5 volts. It’s a measure of how long the battery can support your car’s electrical system in the event of an alternator failure.

The Autocraft Gold 65 battery provides 150 minutes of reserve capacity. The Duralast Gold 65 battery has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.

Here the Autocraft battery has a slight edge, with its higher reserve capacity keeping your electronics powered 30 minutes longer in an emergency situation. But both batteries still offer ample reserve times.


Regarding cost, the Duralast Gold 65 battery is more affordable at $209.99 compared to $289.99 for the Autocraft Gold 65 battery. So, while the two batteries are similar in performance, the Duralast does have a price advantage.

However, the higher initial cost of the Autocraft AGM battery may be justified by its longer lifespan and spillproof design. So consider lifetime value along with upfront pricing when choosing between the two.

Terminal Location

The terminal location refers to the physical placement of the positive and negative posts on the battery. Both the Duralast and Autocraft Group 65 batteries have a standard top terminal design:

  • Positive terminal on the top left front
  • Negative terminal on the top right front

This standard configuration makes the batteries easy to swap into most vehicles. Unless your specific vehicle requires a non-standard terminal layout, either battery will align with the cable connectors.


As mentioned earlier when discussing group size, the physical dimensions of the Duralast and Autocraft batteries are identical:

  • Length: 12.06 inches
  • Width: 7.56 inches
  • Height: 7.56 inches

The matched measurements mean both batteries take up the same space under the hood and will fit existing battery trays.


Weight is another comparable statistic between the two brands. The Autocraft tips the scales at 45.21 pounds, while the Duralast weighs 46.4 pounds. This 1-pound difference is negligible. Expect both batteries to have a similar heft when hauling them to your vehicle.


Finally, both the Duralast and Autocraft batteries provide a standard 12V DC output. This voltage matches most vehicle electrical systems and confirms the batteries can serve as direct replacements.

Our Observation
While Autocraft and Duralast batteries are similar in size, power output, and warranty, Autocraft’s AGM technology gives it an edge for longevity and versatility.

Its sealed spillproof design allows flexible mounting and withstands more charge cycles over its lifespan. Duralast is more budget-friendly with its traditional flooded lead-acid battery at $80 less.

For a long-lasting, maintenance-free battery, we recommend the Autocraft AGM. But the Duralast is a quality, lower-cost alternative.

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