Autocraft Vs Duralast Batteries

The option to choose is wider than ever before. In terms of these two models, the confusion is normal as they are almost identical in terms of power. We now form a comparison taking their performance, durability, and built mechanism into consideration to help you navigate to your potential buyers of a car battery.

Duralast vs Autocraft Table



Model is 65 AGM

Model is Blue top 34M

Weight is around 44.55 lb

Weight is around 39 lb

Dimension is 8 x 8 x 12 inch

Dimension is 7.5 x 7.5 x 12.06 inch

Battery Group Size Designation is 48

Battery Group Size Designation is 65

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

2 Years Replacement Warranty

3 Years Replacement Warranty

Reserve Capacity is 140 minutes 

Reserve Capacity is 80 Minutes

Positive Terminal in the Left Side

Positive Terminal in the Left Side

750 Cold Cranking Amps

650 Cold Cranking Amps

Good forvehicles that demand high power

Good for vehicles requiring high electricity

For a more detailed look into both of them, we now add their reviews to help you look deep into one you like. Not your battery of choice? Here are some other ones Duralast platinum vs optima.

Duralast Battery Review

The company has been a name you can trust since its inauguration in the market. With superior built quality and a wide range of products, they have become a big business in such a short span of time. The promise of delivering value for money is still their top priority. The position held by the business heavily relies on batteries.

The batteries manufactured by them are world-class in every aspect. Testing it to the highest stage possible, this product goes through multiple extensive testing. The confidence is derived from the quality, and the company offers at least two years of replacement warranty.

The framework of a battery provides strength to its core. Polypropylene engages in the built process and minimizes vibration. And it also comes with a venting system that is one of its kind and considered the best of the lot.

We highlight some features of the product:

  • The cold crank and the average crank are very good. The reserve is also something we would find amusing. It gives a reserve of 140mins.
  • The paste density is very high breaking the tradition of giving additional benefits.
  • You will not see any shorts due to the battery failure.
  • The power grid is frame full, and any corrosion is resisted.

Autocraft Battery Review

This business and its diverse product line made their fortune mainly through its batteries. The name of the company is well-known in the automobile industry. The effort they put into the innovation side is praiseworthy.

The company’s batteries are among the most sellers; to keep up with the pace, they produce a wide range of batteries. You will notice a silver alloy construction guaranteed to make you feel you bought a premium product. The life span is superb with three years of replacement warranty.

The plates are pasted on both sides, and cells are perfectly welded so you can eradicate the chance of shock. The price is very reasonable according to the performance provided. You will have a maintenance-free battery for a longer period of time.

Core features to look at

  • Designed efficiently to maximize power
  • Alloy welding ensures that you enjoy better longevity.
  • The batteries are enabled with wider lungs that open the door to resist electricity.

Built Quality
The batteries we selected for comparison are top-tier products of the industry. Both are proven performers in automotive vehicles. Both the 12-volts batteries are classified as undersize group 65. They weigh 49.8 and 45 pounds respectively.

The grid cells are planted with proper care and supervision with lead-acid inside is thin too. These batteries are built way stronger than traditional ones. And their performance says it all.

Performance is so excellent on the Interstate that the manufacturer provided a 4-year replacement warranty. This showcases the trust they have put into the battery. Not only that, the reserve capacity and cold cranking get huge ratings too. The Interstate is reported to deliver 130 minutes of reserve time, while the Everstart has a reserve capacity of 100minutes.

In terms of cold-cranking amps, they are both superb scoring 770 and 750. So, you are guaranteed a first-time start even when the temperature is way below just minus. The deep cycles in both batteries, alongside fast charging, help to enlarge their lifespan.

Specific Feature
Both the batteries come with a premium vent cap, ensuring that the inside of the product stays safe. The Interstate has a pure matrix technology that hasn’t been introduced to other batteries. And for the second one, the build-up and the finish are extraordinary. It averts pollution and ultimately, Eco friendly.

The lifespan of the batteries is huge. They easily last five years minimum. They availed of this luxury thanks to the inner materials. The first battery is so great that the consumers opted for a 4-year replacement warranty. Everstart introduced a warranty system that consumers widely acknowledge.

They will offer you an industry-standard one-year replacement warranty. If you need to change the battery after the warranty period is over, they will provide you with batteries at lower prices.

Our Observation
Having a direct face-off, we found that the batteries are built with concentration. As we dug deep we saw that although of the same group, the first battery (Duralast) offers greater reserve time and cranking. The second one on the list (Autocraft) is light weighted and has a big warranty.

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