Duralast Platinum Battery Vs Optima

There are many types of car batteries available to help start your car. We can categorize them mainly in two sections, Wet cell and the lead-acid ones that are regulated using a valve. Of these sections, you have to choose one that your car requires. Now that can be tricky if you don’t know them thoroughly.

Duralast Platinum vs Optima

Duralast Platinum

Optima Battery

Model is 65 AGM

Model is Blue top 34M

Weight is around 44.62 lbs

Weight is around 38.4lb

Dimension is 7.5 x 11.2 x 6.9 inch

Dimension is 6.88 x 10.06 x 7.94 inch

Battery Group Size Designation is 65

Battery Group Size Designation is 34

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

3 Years Replacement Warranty

2 Years Replacement Warranty

Reserve Capacity is 120 Minutes

Reserve Capacity is 100 Minutes

Positive Terminal in the Left Side

Positive Terminal in the Left Side

750 Cold Cranking Amps

800 Cold Cranking Amps

Good for Dual Purpose and off Road Operations, Might Be Used in Motorcycle if Fits

Good for Dual Purpose Extreme Condition , Even Works on a RV or a Boat

Many buyers post online asking for advice like which one to buy of the two in our headline. How similar they make look in their appearance, they have significant dissimilarities. We, for your assistance making a comparison table containing core specification and service provided. We start right away with a comparison of Valucraft vs Duralast here.

Duralast Platinum Review

This company has always provided the best product to satisfy its consumers. A great R&D team that thrives on engineering its product to be the best has been successful so far. Of its versatile product line, the batteries are the most widely acclaimed and this platinum version of their battery is best among all of them.

The battery is designed with Absorbed Glass Mat, popularly known as AGM. It is the perfect mix of power as well as durability. The cranking of the product is also very high meeting the demand for the extreme electrical need of a car. The lifespan of the product is overwhelming. It can function twice as much as the traditional batteries and for its magnificent performance, the manufacturers back it up with a two years replacement warranty.

The company regardless of the product gives the framework as solid as possible; it’s no different in terms of this one too. It is said to be spill and leak proof and so far the consumers haven’t face any issues in this matter.

Some Additional Features of the Product

  • It has the ability to provide you the same cranking even for a deep cycle
  • It can resist vibration with ease
  • Charges very fast and it can cycle more than several hundred
  • manufactured with advance tech it has twice the service time than others

Optima Battery Review

Vehicle owners who look for sheer power and excellent performance in their batteries, well this is it. The company specializing in battery making works relentlessly to surpass the standards set. And with such strong determination, the business now patented two modern technologies in the battery industry. SPIRALCELL and PURE FLOW are designed into the batteries to offer the vehicle a vibration resistance that is 15 times greater than its competitors.

The batteries made by the venture are promised to be spill and leak-free, which suggests that maintenance will no longer be required. The batteries charge very fast and serve for a long time regardless of extreme locations. The producers offer a three years replacement warranty on the product but they easily outlast their warranty having an average lifespan of 5 years

Some features you would love in the product

  • The multipurpose battery that even serves your RV or Boat
  • Charges 3 times faster than its rivals
  • The lead plates are the purest (99.99%) you can find in any battery
  • Mountable any position
  • Has a reserve capacity of 100mins and the are very consistent

Built Quality

Some batteries are destined to do a ton of work. Well, these two here are just the sort of Battery we are talking about. They are built astonishingly strong and they have the spec sheet to support it. The 65 AGM by Duralast falls under group size 48 and weighs around 44 pounds.

Second Battery we have here is the Blue top 34M which has a group size of 65 with a weight of 39 pounds. Both the batteries are lead-acid powered with outstandingly strong frames.


There’s nothing to say much about their performance. The building process is so great that the Battery helps reduce vibration and vents unnecessary things. The batteries are indeed tested rigorously before they are put into the market. The first Battery here has a cold cranking of 750, one of the highest any battery provides. What’s even more surprising is they provide 140 reserve minutes.

It is certainly the best reserve capacity you’ll get. The Autocraft Battery has an 80-minute reserve capacity and 650 cold-cranking amps. They differ by much, but you’ll realize that it is pretty impressive when we explain it to you later in this article.

Specific Feature

Polypropylene is used when the company produced the 65AGM. This allowed the Battery to function more efficiently. What amazed us the most about the Duralast is the reserve capacity. For the Autocraft, attractive features are used in making the grid on both sides for strength, wider lungs in the Battery to resist electric flow.


On average, Battery with quality easily lasts 3 to 5 years. These two also cover the same amount of time. What you’ll get extra is that the batteries won’t fail you in the middle of the road as these brands are trusted. Both the batteries are also backed up by a 3- and 4-years replacement warranty respectively.

Suitable Vehicles

The concentration for both batteries is different. The first one is dedicated to vehicles that need high power, while the second one is dedicated to vehicles that demand high electricity.

Our observation

In our review of the products, the first battery in the segment has a higher ground in reserve capacity and cranking. They offer the highest cranking on any battery. On the other hand the second one has a unique built quality, resists more vibration and charges faster than the compared one.

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