Interstate Vs Everstart Battery

There are some specific instructions one needs to follow when going to buy a battery for a vehicle. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the group size refers to the dimension of a battery. Then things like cold cranking and reserve capacity come into consideration.

Interstate vs Everstart Table



Model is MTZ 65

Model is platinum AGM-65

Weight is around 49.8 lbs

Weight is around 45 lbs

Dimension is 11.70 x 7.15 x 7.4 inch

Dimension is 9.90 x 7.10 x 7.60 inch

Battery Group Size Designation is 65

Battery Group Size Designation is 65

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

2 Years Replacement Warranty

1 Years Replacement Warranty

Reserve Capacity is 130 Minutes

Reserve Capacity is 100 Minutes

Positive Terminal are flexible anywhere mount

Positive Terminal in the top post

770 Cold Cranking Amps

750 Cold Cranking Amps

Premium Vent Caps Available

Premium Vent Caps Available

While making a purchase decision, things can be pretty confusing even after keeping the instruction in mind. With so many companies and models available today, it is pretty easy to get confused.  An ideal example is these two models in this segment. So, we now form a comparison of these two models so that you can come to a conclusion about which one to purchase for your car.

Interstate Battery Review

Having an age over 50 years, the company has been the first choice when it comes to the replacement of your car battery. The outstanding combination of power and reliability has made it an obvious choice for the users. The company not only provides the battery but also set up more than 150,000 dealer location to help you with any query.

From the start of the company timeline, it holds some outrageous records. The business recycled a record number of 25.2 million batteries. They have a product line of more 12,000 batteries. You can find almost any kind of battery there. Last but not least, they lost almost 18 million batteries in the year 2017. So by the company specification, you can see that you are not investing your money in a random business but a profoundly large one.

The automotive car batteries they offer are on top of their line. This fame is just not by name; their specification and the performance justify the talks. Like said above that they design almost any batteries, it’s true and their batteries fit luxury cars, RVs, Vans; you name it and it will fit right in.

The product comes with a pure matrix technology that gives unreal to the vehicles. The leads are also guaranteed non-alloy, which translated into thin plates and deeper cycles. The battery life is almost three times better than the traditional and moreover that it gives an unthinkable double lifetime service than an AGM one.

Protected by a four-year replacement warranty, the product has technically no chance of spill or leakage. The cranking you will be enjoying is unparalleled. It has a cold cranking of 770amps. It will provide enough power for any additional plugins even when the engine is not on.

Batteries are targeted mainly for two types of service in a vehicle. Many batteries are best when they serve starts and many of them are best in providing deeper cycles. With the batteries manufactured by the company, you can do both and still enjoy startling dependability.

Here are some highlights of the product

  • An industry-best warranty
  • the perfect balance in terms of cranking
  • Advance technology like pure matrix is designed into the batteries
  • Battery life, Deepness of the cycle are bigger than almost all other rivals
  • Serves loyally even for the heavier vehicles

Built Quality

If you own a motor vehicle, then you’ve already heard of these names before. The built quality provided by these two companies is superior and holds a good record.

The opening battery of your content is a champion product, winning multiple acclamations in various categories. The 78-DL falls under group size 78 and weighs 37.33 pounds. And the other one is made by Everstart, sizing 78 and weighing 41.6 pounds.

Both batteries are powered by lead acid and have one of the strongest shells in any battery. So, with a strong inside, these batteries have an impressive outlook that makes them such a competitive product.


Your superior built quality needs to be backed up by equally satisfactory performance. The performance of the Duralast batteries is way too good. This 12-volt battery has an astounding 120minute of reserve capacity and 700 cold-cranking amps leading the way in this price category.

The other battery we have here is not as impressive as the first one, but it has its pros. The battery gives a moderate 80-minute reserve capacity and comes with a cranking amp of 600.

Specific Feature

These two products do the regular job with an efficiency that is close to none. Yes, they are so great. To be efficient one does not always have to do the exceptional. Simply doing what they are told is good enough. We faced a similar situation in terms of these batteries. These batteries handled the common task way beyond our expectations.


Low discharge, quality lead-acid and resistance towards rust and corrosion give a battery a better lifetime. Both these batteries are expected to last five years, at least that’s what the manufacturer promised. And so far, we have received no such complaints denying them.

Suitable Vehicles

The battery by Duralast is performance-oriented and versatile. So, to use them in full efficiency extreme sports cars or heavy power using vehicles are recommended. The later one is more of a regular battery for vehicles that are likely to be used regularly.

Our Observation

In a fair comparison, we observed that the first battery has the upper hand in cranking reserve time and charging. As we turn our mind on the second one, we see the battery is lightly weighted than the first and being of the smaller size, it will fit better. Want to find out heavy-duty comparison? Here are Duralast vs Autocraft .

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