Valucraft Vs Duralast Battery

Instead of comparing two brands, we will compare two popular models to provide insider insight. The main difference between Valucraft and Duralast batteries is the warranty – Valucraft offers a one-year warranty, while Duralast provides a two-year warranty.

Valucraft vs Duralast

Here’s a comparison table that will provide you with a quick understanding of the differences.

Feature Valucraft Duralast
Price $129.99 $189.99
Warranty 1 year 2 years
Battery Technology Flooded lead-acid Flooded lead-acid
Group Size 65 65
Cold Cranking Amps 650A 750A
Cranking Amps 810A 935A*
Reserve Capacity 130 minutes 120 minutes
Dimensions 11.25 x 7.4375 x 7.4375 in 12.06 x 7.56 x 7.56 in
Weight 39 lbs 43.2 lbs
Voltage 12V 12V
Key Features LifeGrid technology, ergonomic handle Designed for extreme conditions, best-in-class vent caps

Battery Technology

Both Valucraft and Duralast batteries use flooded lead-acid battery technology. This is a mature and reliable technology that has been used in automotive batteries for decades. The flooded design allows access to the electrolyte for maintenance and testing.


The Valucraft 65-VL battery comes with a 1-year warranty. This covers defects in materials and workmanship. The Duralast 65-DL battery has a 2-year free replacement warranty valid nationwide. This is twice as long as the Valucraft warranty, providing more coverage in case of premature failure.

Group Size

Valucraft and Duralast batteries have the same group size of 65. This refers to the dimensions of the battery, which are standardized so different brands are interchangeable. Group size 65 batteries will physically fit most vehicles specifying this group size.

Cold Cranking Amperage

The cold cranking amps (CCA) rating measures how much current a battery can deliver at 0°F. The Valucraft 65-VL has a CCA of 650A, while the Duralast 65-DL is rated at 750A. The higher 750A rating of the Duralast means it can provide more starting power in cold weather.

Cranking Amperage

Cranking amps measure starting power at 32°F. The Valucraft 65-VL is rated at 810A. Duralast does not provide a cranking amps rating for the 65-DL but lists 935A for a related higher-capacity battery. Based on this, the Duralast likely has higher cranking amps.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity indicates how long a battery can deliver 25A before dropping below 10.5V. The Valucraft 65-VL has a reserve capacity of 130 minutes. The Duralast 65-DL has a lower 120-minute reserve capacity. The 10-minute difference in reserve capacity is minor.


The Valucraft 65-VL is priced at $129.99, while the Duralast 65-DL costs $189.99. There is a significant $60 difference between the two batteries. The Duralast costs 46% more than the Valucraft.

Terminal Location

Both batteries have standard SAE top-mount terminal locations. The positive terminal is on the front left, and the negative terminal is on the front right. This standardized top terminal positioning allows for convenient replacement and fits most vehicles.


The Valucraft 65-VL measures 11.25 x 7.4375 x 7.4375 inches (L x W x H). The Duralast 65-DL is larger at 12.06 x 7.56 x 7.56 inches. The additional length and width of the Duralast battery provide more plate surface area and account for its higher power ratings.


The Valucraft 65-VL weighs 39 lbs, while the heavier Duralast 65-DL tips the scales at 43.2 lbs. The Duralast’s higher weight is due to its larger size and additional lead content.


Both Valucraft and Duralast batteries have a nominal voltage of 12V, which is standard for automotive starter batteries. The 12V rating ensures proper compatibility with the vehicle’s electrical system.

Additional Features

The Valucraft 65-VL uses LifeGrid technology, which provides consistent power output and enhances durability for longer service life. It also has an ergonomic fold-flat handle for easier carrying and installation.

The Duralast 65-DL is designed to withstand extreme weather and vibrations while providing reliable starting power. It has best-in-class vent caps for safe operation.

Our Observation
The Duralast 65-DL’s higher 750A cold cranking amps and larger reserve capacity make it the best choice for large, high-performance engines or extreme weather conditions.

Its two year warranty also provides significantly more coverage. However, for typical passenger vehicles, the Valucraft 65-VL has sufficient power at a much lower cost.

Given its adequate 650A cold cranking rating and $60 price advantage, we recommend the Valucraft 65-VL as the best battery option for most drivers prioritizing value and budget. The Duralast 65-DL is ideal for those needing maximum starting power.

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