Valucraft Vs Duralast Battery

The main purpose that a battery serves it that it supplies electrical current to the motor of a vehicle. The engine then starts from the power provided by it. Battery available in today’s market is many and specified to do certain tasks assigned. The main factors that vary from one battery to another are the amp hour, reserve time, crank amp and group size. These are the core specification to compare these products.

Valucraft vs Duralast Battery



Model is 34DT-VL 

Model is 40R-DL

Weight is Around 40.59 lbs

Weight is Around 34.81 lbs

Dimension is 6.30 x 10.50 x 9.00 inch

Dimension is 8 x 8 x 12 inch 

Battery Group Size Designation is 34

Battery Group Size Designation is 40

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

1 year free replacement

2 year free replacement

Reserve Capacity is 80 Minutes

Reserve Capacity is 105 Minutes

Positive Terminal in the side left

Positive Terminal in the top left

690 Cold Cranking Amps

590 Cold Cranking Amps

Premium Vent Caps Not Available

Premium Vent Caps Available

The batteries chosen for comparison today are very popular among users and many of the new buyers ask for guidance to purchase one of them. We are going to compare the models regarding the specification we stated above.

Valucraft Battery Overview

The battery venture provides a reliable battery for your car. They are ranked among the cheapest of the battery segments. And the only to give you a brand value at that price. The starting power offered by the battery is decent and with moderate regular usage, this product can run for a long time with minimum maintenance. Both average and cold cranking are put with the right balance.

The technology used is inside is known as LifeGrid tech, their very own patented grid technology guarantees consistency and provides better durability which serves through the lifespan. They make the battery ergonomic for your operation complemented by a flat handle design. You will face less hassle in terms of installation and transportation of the product. The ingredients inside the battery are too good for their price. The paste used in the cells is very dense to help improve your driving.

These products come with a warranty for a 1-year free replacement. The average lifespan of technology is about 3-5 years. With the tough and rugged built quality ensured by the producer you can see why they put their faith in the products. You can enjoy longer than the average if you use it optimally like turning the lights off when you are out of the car and many like that.

Another measure is taken to better the performance along with some tips to your safety that the robust are separated which will benefit from the battery failure. The flat handle you see on the top is well welded and the alloy implemented is decent enough considering the price range.

This product was designed with to view to attracting consumer who doesn’t give much fuss about the power generation. So the company decided to design a battery that will do the service you need without worrying much about your financial conditions. Editor’s pick: Duralast vs Everstart

Some Significant Features of the Product.

  • With the price offered by the company, it is regarded as the best in its price section
  • The vent cap installed is also very sturdy and it enlarges your safety measures.
  • Driving every day and in ideal condition is what the battery is made for and it has been doing the task without much of a failure.
  • The battery carries out quick ignition and reduces the vibration provided by the engine increasing your ride comfort and durability.

Built Quality

Intensive research and engineering brilliance have given us very efficient products and these two batteries are ideal examples of it. Duralast has been providing batteries to vehicle owners for quite some time now. This one here is 65 AGM, has a 65-size designation measuring 44.62 pounds.

This 12-volt battery has a positive terminal on the left side. On the other hand, we have another Blue Top battery by optima which comes with a 34-group size weighing 38.4 pounds. It has the same left-top terminal life as the Duralast.


If you look at the positive feedback from the users, you can tell how widely acclaimed the batteries are. The battery we talked about first has a very impressive 120-minute reserve capacity; the optima has a 100-minute backup. But the optima lead the cold-cranking amps as they score 800 in the measurement while their counterpart scores 750.

Specific Feature

Both these products have some unique features. Of course, they are both spill and leak-free, can resist vibration, and are equipped with modern tech. But they have some unique features.

For instance, the platinum is powered with an absorbed glass mat, which increases its durability. The optima are powered with a SpiralCell and pure flow, leading them to withstand vibration 15 times greater. The optima battery has the purest lead plates among any batteries.


Fast charging has opened the gate to higher functionality. With superior ingredients inside, these batteries are very trustable. The duralast batteries last for at least three years and the optima have a lifespan worth five years. You are likely to get the same lifespan if you use it in extreme weather.

Suitable for

Batteries have evolved to be multipurpose products over the years. The platinum batteries from the Duralast can fulfill any demands of electric cars. You will receive excellent performance even when you place them in mini trucks and jeeps. The optima are even more versatile. Along with your cars or trucks, it can accommodate RVs and boats too.

Our Observation

The Price Range of the two batteries is different. Both of them are the best value for their stated price. Keeping the price aside, the 1st one in our comparison provides better cranking and the second one has much upper side like the premium vent cap, superior reserve time, longer warranty and so.

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