Gator SFX vs Pro Tonneau Covers

Talking about Gator can never be enough for tonneau covers; so far, the single brand offers so much variety in its collection. Gator has multiple tonneau covers; whether you want anything premium and super luxurious or anything simple and essential for your truck, Gator has your back.

In this context, we have picked two Gator series and created a detailed comparison. Gator SFX and Gator Pro will bring in the fundamental differences between these series so that the buyers can determine the best suited for their needs.

The Gator SFX has a classic combination of vinyl tarp and aluminum bows as frames. Vinyl tarp is well known for its extended durability and is highly tear-resistant. Other than that, it works fantastic when it comes to heat protection. On the other hand, the aluminum frame is so sturdy and robust that it can carry even extra weight.

The bows are unique features that come only with the SFX series. These bows are incorporated to add extra protection against the weather and provide the necessary strength to the whole structure. Gator pro strengthens its game with the material combination; it combines commercial-grade vinyl as the tarp and black powder aluminum as the structure.

This puncture and tear-resistant vinyl tarp goes a long way and provides the necessary protection. On the other hand, the aluminum structure makes the overall construction very strong. Due to the powder coating, the aluminum panels are corrosion-resistant and ensure durability.

Exterior Design
Gator SFX is a trifold soft rollup tonneau cover that gives you 2/3 space of the truck bed. Moreover, talking about the design, we must mention that this tonneau cover looks amazing on the trucks. The design focuses on functionality. The truck bed cover sits perfectly on the rail and gives a thorough low profile. All in all, this product is undoubtedly going to be a style statement for your truck.

Gator Pro is a complete low-profile tonneau cover and does not look like any additional aftermarket product. The design concentrates on customer ease and gives an overall look to the truck’s appearance. This model is preferable for enormous cargo haul as it provides complete bed access.

Weather Protection
Gator SFX does not add many features for weather protection instead, it sticks to a few features that eventually stand up better. First, the tarp can give heat protection and is waterproof as well. The tarp is mounted on the bed rail so water/ snow can glide off easily without entering the truck.

It has a foam rubber weather seal to intensify the weather protection to prevent water leakage. Gator pro mainly protects from the weather with its vinyl tarp; it protects everything from temperature fluctuations to rain and snow. Also, there are EPDM rubber seals that ensure perfect sealing and prevent any further leakage.

Fit Bed Size
The most vital fact about buying any aftermarket truck bed cover, the fit-bed size must be well known to the customers. Each tonneau cover is designed to fit some particular models; thus, before buying any, always ensure the size is appropriate for your truck bed.

Gator SFX fits Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 6ft 6in bed 2019-2021 New Body Style – does not fit with factory side storage boxes. Gator Pro provides a 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 5.8 Ft Bed.

Lock Mechanism
Gator SFX features the tailgate lock system; the cover should be pulled to the tailgate and be locked with an additional lock. Whereas most fancy covers may have some extravagant security features, the tailgate lock system is solid enough to prevent theft.

Gator pro also features the tailgate lock, which also has twisted clamps. These twisted clamps keep the cover tightly adjusted to the rails. And the tailgate lock gives supreme protection against all odds.

Ease of Use
Gator SFX swears by the features that make it convenient to use for customers. Safety straps secure the tarp while driving; thus, customers can keep the bed cover open while going. Again, there is a trigger latch for smooth operation. With a single press on the trigger, the tonneau cover opens smoothly.

Gator Pro excels in the easy operation of the tonneau cover. We all know the struggles of opening or closing a tonneau cover, and the physical effort behind it sometimes becomes unbearable. But this tonneau cover comes with twisted clamps. These clamps let you open or close the cover within seconds without any manual involvement.

Gator SFX offers a limited lifetime warranty for the tarp and a 3-year warranty for the frame parts. And it promises to replace or repair any faulty parts without any cost. Gator Pro offers a limited lifetime warranty for the tarp and an impressive 10-year warranty for the frame and moving parts. So, it is quite evident that Gator Pro is leading in this competition with better warranty service.

Gator SFX does not need drilling while installation and can be installed within 10 minutes only. Gator Pro makes the installation process more accessible than ever; no drilling and no tools are required. You won’t need extra helping hands as well.

Our Observation
After going through the detailed features and specifications of both products, it is clear that Gator Pro is a better truck bed cover in terms of design, material, security, and warranty. Though Gator SFX is also a good product, it fails to compete with Gator Pro in terms of quality and features. So, we would recommend Gator Pro over Gator SFX any day.

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