Napa Legend vs Duralast Gold

The main difference between the NAPA Legend Professional and Duralast Gold batteries is that the Duralast Gold offers a longer 3-year free replacement warranty compared to the NAPA’s 2-year warranty.

Napa vs Duralast Battery

This comparison table will help you to understand the difference at a glance.

Feature NAPA Legend Duralast Gold
Price $189.99 $209.99
Warranty 24 months free replacement 3 years free replacement
Group Size 24 24
Cold Cranking Amps 650 CCA 700 CCA
Cranking Amps  800 A 875 A
Reserve Capacity 115 minutes 130 minutes
Terminal Type SAE SAE – Type A
Dimension 10.75″ x 6.75″ x 9″ 10.25″ x 6.81″ x 8.88″
Positive Terminal Location Top left Top left front
Battery Type Wet cell (lead acid) Lead acid
Weight 39.5 lbs 42.8 lbs
Voltage 12V 12V

Battery Technology

Both the NAPA Legend Professional and Duralast Gold batteries use conventional lead-acid battery technology. They are classified as “wet cell” batteries, meaning they use liquid sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. This tried and true battery technology delivers reliable starting power.


The NAPA Legend Professional battery comes with a 24-month free replacement warranty. The Duralast Gold battery has a more extended 3-year free replacement warranty, giving it the edge in this category. The additional year of coverage provides more protection should the battery fail prematurely.

Group Size

The batteries have the same group size 24 classification, meaning they will fit a wide range of popular passenger vehicles. Group size refers to the dimensions of the battery, which are standardized, so different brands are interchangeable.

Cold Cranking Amperage

The Duralast Gold battery provides a higher cold cranking amperage (CCA) rating of 700A vs 650A for the NAPA. The CCA indicates the current a battery can deliver at zero degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds while maintaining at least 1.2 volts per cell. The Duralast’s superior CCA makes it better suited for cold weather starting.

Cranking Amperage

Similarly, the Duralast Gold has a higher cranking amperage of 875A than the NAPA’s 800A. This measures the battery’s starting power at 32 degrees F. Again, the Duralast wins with its extra current output.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity indicates how long a battery can run essential accessories if the alternator fails. The Duralast offers 130 minutes vs 115 minutes for the NAPA Legend. The extra 15 minutes could prove crucial in an emergency situation.


The NAPA Legend Professional costs $189.99, while the Duralast Gold runs $209.99. The $20 difference reflects the Duralast’s longer warranty, higher power ratings, and overall premium branding.

However, budget-conscious buyers may prefer the NAPA’s adequate performance at a lower price point.

Terminal Location

Both batteries have conventional top terminal positions, with the positive terminal on the left and the negative terminal on the right. This standardized layout ensures compatibility across various vehicle makes and models.


The NAPA measures 10.75″ x 6.75″ x 9″ (LxWxH). The Duralast is slightly larger at 10.25” x 6.81” x 8.88” (LxWxH).

While very close in size, the Duralast’s greater surface area correlates to more plate area and in turn, higher power capacity.


At 42.8 lbs, the Duralast Gold is over 3 lbs heavier than the NAPA’s 39.5 lbs. The increased weight can be attributed to a more robust internal construction and materials, adding to its durability.


The NAPA and Duralast batteries supply 12 volts, the standard voltage required to power a vehicle’s starter motor and electrical system.

Additional Features

The NAPA Legend Professional highlights its flush cover design that eliminates loose vent caps and dangerous acid spills. It also comes with integrated handles to simplify installation and removal.

The Duralast Gold emphasizes meeting or exceeding OEM standards and its impact-resistant casing to prevent damage from road vibrations. It uses a specialized paste formula to optimize performance and has oversized vent caps as a safety measure.

Our Observation
Based on the data, the NAPA Legend Professional battery offers a cost-effective option for most drivers with its 2-year free replacement warranty and adequate 650 CCA and 115-minute reserve capacity.

However, for just $20 more, the Duralast Gold provides superior cold cranking amps at 700, an extra year of warranty coverage, and a higher reserve capacity of 130 minutes.

For these reasons, we recommend the Duralast Gold as the best choice, especially for cold weather climates or vehicles with higher electrical loads. The minor additional cost is justified by the enhanced performance specs and protection.

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