Pennzoil ultra platinum vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

The choice can be overwhelming when it comes time to change your car’s oil. Do you go with conventional oil or synthetic? If you’re looking for the best of the best, then you should consider Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil.

These oils are made with high-quality ingredients that will keep your engine running smoothly. This blog post will compare the two oils and help you decide which one is right for you!

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Mobil 1 Table

we will compare these two oils and help you decide which one is right for your car.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Mobil 1

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Advanced Full Synthetic Oil

Excellent Wear Protection For Your Engine

Protects Your Engine for 10,000 Miles

Natural Gas Based Synthetic Motor Oil

Outstanding Low Temperature Capabilities

Compatible with Diesel and Gasoline Engine

Compatible with Diesel and Gasoline Engine

Available Viscosity 0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30

Available Viscosity 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30

Outstanding Performance in Extreme Temperatures​

Provides Excellent Internal Engine Heat Protection

Excellent Sludge Protection To Help Keep High-performance

Meets Ilsac Gf-6 Standards To Help Provide Low-speed Pre-ignition

Suitable for All Car, SUV, Light Van, Truck Gasoline and Turbocharged Engines

Suitable for Gasoline-Powered Vehicles and Multi-Valve Fuel Injected Engines Like Passenger Cars, Suvs, Light Vans, Light Trucks.

Why Compare?

It’s important to compare the two oils because they are both made with high-quality ingredients. However, you should be aware of some differences between the two. Mobil 1 is an advanced full synthetic motor oil designed for high-performance and extended protection. It helps keep your engine clean and prevents sludge build-up.

On the other hand, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is a premium full synthetic motor oil that has been optimized for cars with turbochargers or direct injection engines. It helps protect against wear and tear, keeps your engine clean, and provides superior performance in extreme temperatures.

The main difference between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil 1 is the type of engine they are designed for. Pennzoil is ideal for turbocharged or direct injection engines, while Mobil 1 is better suited for high-performance engines. Both gasoline engines and diesel engines without diesel particulate filters have excellent overall performance.

Another difference we can see is that Pennzoil Platinum is a natural gas-based synthetic motor oil, while Mobil 1 is a purely synthetic oil that is made from crude oil.

Oil Type

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum full synthetic motor oils are engineered from a revolutionary PurePlus Technology process that converts natural gas into a high-quality full synthetic base oil.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 is advanced full synthetic engine oil that is designed to help protect your engine and also save you money on fuel. In short, both are fully synthetic motor oil.


Viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. The higher the viscosity, the more resistant the fluid is to flow. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum has available viscosity of 0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 ratings, while Mobil I has 0W-16, 0W-20, 0W-30, 0W-40, 0W-50, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15w-50, 20W-50 ratings. This means both have varieties of viscosity available, and you can choose the one that fits your car.

Engine Type

As we mentioned before, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is designed for turbocharged or direct injection engines, while Mobil 1 is better suited for high-performance engines.

If you have a gasoline engine, then either oil will work great. However, if you have a diesel engine without a diesel particulate filter, then Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is the better choice. Mobil 1 also works with the diesel engine.


Pennzoil Ultra Platinum full synthetic motor oils are blended with PurePlus Technology, an additive that helps keep your engine clean.

Mobil I has its own additives that help fuel economy and protect the engine under extreme temperatures. The additives in Mobil I can be a bit more beneficial for high-performance engines than Pennzoil Ultra Platinum.


Pennzoil uses a PurePlus synthetic base oil technology to blend this oil and ensure better performance than other oil. This formula includes converting pure and pristine natural gas into high-quality motor oil. Compared to crude oil, the PurePlus technique allows very low volatility and 99.50% clear base oil. Also, this formula limits the evaporation rate when the synthetic oil hits the hot surfaces of the engine.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic oil, a combination of high-performance base oil and additives. This formula of Mobil 1 includes better fuel economy, excellent lubrication, enhanced stability, greater protection against contamination, resistance to breakdowns, and whatnot.


The Pennzoil ultra platinum is a flexible oil cause it can be used in any weather or any condition. This oil stays liquid even in cold temperatures like -40F and does not turn into gas in climate, including 400F. That is why it is easy to pump in any weather. Eventually, it saves a lot of your energy and effort.

The Mobil 1 synthetic oil is efficient in pretty much every weather condition. But the 5W30 is best in cold temperatures cause it can flow well in even -40F. Even at high-temperature, Mobil 1 does a decent job. It won’t thin and lubricate the components.


Mobil 1 takes the internal cleaning of the engine to another level and is considered one of the best synthetic oil. During engine combustion, harmful contaminants create wear and tear. But Mobil 1 has the components that can prevent the engine from designing and building dirt, grime, dust, sludge, and other contaminants. Also, you do not need to worry about clogged deposits if you use this oil regularly.

And the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum synthetic oil protects the engine and enhances its performance. It does not freeze in cold weather and does not evaporate in sweltering weather. This oil helps to loosen the dirt and grime stuck at the engine’s moving parts, thus removing all the impurities. Eventually, it provides a smoother drive and cleaner engine that performs longer than other engines.

Other Approvals

Ford (WSS 92C954A), Hyundai and Kia, and Chrysler MS 12007 are among the manufacturers who utilize this synthetic base oil. If your vehicle is not built by one of the manufacturers listed above, check your owner’s handbook to see if this oil suits your engine. Always check your vehicle’s owner’s guide for the recommended oil grade for your machine.

The Mobil 1 oil also complies with ILSAC GF-5 requirements. According to this rating, the oil has better high-temperature deposit protection, sludge control, fuel efficiency, emission control system compatibility, and protection on ethanol-containing fuels. GM has also given Mobil 1 the Dexos1 seal of approval.


Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil I are two of the best synthetic oils in the market. They both have their benefits, but Pennzoil seems to edge out Mobil I regarding extreme temperature protection and cleaning capabilities.

Before making a purchase, consult your owner’s handbook to see if either of these oils is appropriate for your engine. I hope that this article is helpful to you. So whenever you want to buy any of these products, keep in mind what we mentioned before.

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