Super Start Extreme Battery Review

Searching for a dependable battery without breaking the bank? Look no further than Super Start Extreme Battery! This brand is renowned in the market and is designed to offer optimal performance and prolonged life. With its reliable operation, you can trust that your vehicle will be running smoothly with Super Start powering it.

Battery Type
Super Start Extreme Battery is a 12-volt battery made for vehicles with an alternator. It is a deep-cycle battery and is classified as an AGM battery. This battery uses AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat, an advanced lead-acid battery that provides enhanced performance and long life.

The AGM technology increases the capacity of the battery to hold a charge for extended periods. This battery is compatible with most automobiles, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Reserve Capacity
This battery provides a reserve capacity of 120 minutes. It can store energy for extended periods, even when it is not being used. This is an excellent feature for those who need to maintain power when they cannot be present.

If you have ever been without electricity in the middle of nowhere or had to stop your vehicle because it was out of fuel, you know how important this feature is. A reserve capacity of 120 minutes is excellent for anyone who needs to stay on the road or works in remote areas.

Cold Cranking Amperage
Super Start Extreme Battery has a cold cranking amperage of 720 amps. This means it can provide power to your vehicle in extreme weather conditions, such as when temperatures drop below freezing.

This is vital for anyone living in areas where it gets very cold during the winter. A battery with a cold cranking amperage of 720 amps can help you stay safe and warm when the weather is at its worst.

Group Size
Super Start Extreme Battery is a group size 65 battery. This means that it is compatible with most vehicles on the road today. It also has a compact design that makes it easy to install and maintain.

Super Start offers a three-year limited warranty on this product. This is excellent news because it means that if anything happens to your battery during the first three years of ownership, you will be able to get a free replacement from Super Start. This warranty covers any defects found in the battery for up to three years.

Item Dimensions
The dimensions of this battery are 10.34 inches by 6.34 inches by 9 inches. This is a very compact size that makes it easy to store in any space. This battery is the perfect size for anyone with limited room in their vehicle or garage. It can also be used with solar panels to store energy for later use.

Terminal Location
The Positive terminal location of this battery is on the Bottom Right. This makes it easy to connect and disconnect from your vehicle. It also helps to keep the terminals dry and free of corrosion.

Our Observation
We have observed that Super Start Extreme Battery is an ideal choice for those who are looking to get the most out of their vehicles. With its reliable operation and long-lasting life, this battery offers optimal performance in all weather conditions. Its compact size and easy installation make it an excellent option for anyone with limited space in their vehicle or garage.

The main advantage of this type of battery is that it offers superior performance, long life, and low maintenance. It is also a deep-cycle battery, which can be used for various purposes. The Super Start Extreme Battery is an excellent option if you want a reliable and durable battery. This article has been helpful. Thank you for reading!

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