Duralast 29DP DL Specs

The Duralast 29DP DL is a 12V deep cycle marine battery designed to provide reliable power for boats and RVs. Let’s take a closer look at the key features and specifications of the Duralast 29DP DL to see how it stacks up.

Specification Value
Battery Technology Flooded Lead Acid
Warranty 1 Year
Group Size 29H
Marine Cranking Amps 840A
Cold Cranking Amperage 675A
Reserve Capacity 210 minutes
Price $129.99
Terminal Location Top Mounted
Dimensions 12.13 in x 6.69 in x 9.13 in
Weight 59.7 lbs
Voltage 12V

Battery Technology

The 29DP DL utilizes conventional flooded lead acid battery technology. In this design, the electrolyte is in liquid form and suspended in the battery plates.

The flooded construction makes the battery spillable if tilted too far. But it also allows for easy maintenance and electrolyte top-offs when needed.


Duralast provides a 1-year full replacement warranty on the 29DP DL battery. This coverage is standard for flooded lead acid marine batteries.

While some AGM variants offer 18-month warranties, the 1-year warranty should be adequate for most applications.

Group Size

With dimensions of 12.13 in x 6.69 in x 9.13 in, the 29DP DL matches group size 29H. This is a common size for marine batteries and should fit most standard battery trays. Just verify your boat and trolling motor accommodate this group before purchase.

Marine Cranking Amps

The marine cranking amps (MCA) of the 29DP DL is 840A. This high output exceeds most marine engine requirements, making the battery suitable for engines with heavy cranking needs.

Cranking Amperage

In contrast to the MCA, the cranking amperage is 0A since the 29DP DL is optimized for deep cycling rather than engine starting. The zero cranking amps indicate it should not be used for engine cranking applications.

Reserve Capacity

The 29DP DL provides 210 minutes of reserve capacity when discharged at 25A. This substantial reserve allows extended operation of electronics and accessories without charging.


With an MSRP of $129.99, the Duralast 29DP DL is reasonably priced, given its size and performance. Compared to comparable flooded batteries, it represents good value for the money based on its specifications.

Terminal Location

The 29DP DL has top-mounted positive and negative terminals located on the left and right respectively. Top terminals allow for convenient cable access, provided your application accommodates batteries with top terminations.


At just under 10 in tall and around 7 in wide, the 29DP DL works with most standard marine battery trays. The 29H size and compact case make for easy installation and replacement.


Weighing 59.7 pounds, the 29DP DL is relatively lightweight, considering its capacity. But at nearly 60 lbs, you will still need help or mechanical assistance lifting the battery.


With a nominal voltage of 12V, the Duralast 29DP DL matches the 12V systems found on most small marine vessels and RVs. Verify your existing electrical system is intended for 12V before installation.

Additional Features

Other useful characteristics include the battery’s solidium welds to inhibit corrosion, patented grid design for efficiency, and special negative paste formula to optimize performance and lifespan.

With its flooded lead acid design, high marine cranking amps, and substantial reserve capacity, the Duralast 29DP DL works well for powering trolling motors and accessories on boats.

Its 29H size fits most marine trays, while the 12V rating matches standard marine electrical systems. Offering solid value, this battery is an excellent option for marine applications needing a dependable flooded lead acid power source.

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