Duralast Gold vs Everstart Maxx

Consumers frequently compare popular options when navigating through the crowded aisles of automotive batteries. We delve into a comparative analysis of two notable batteries, the Duralast Gold Battery (24F-DLG) and the EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, unpacking their specifications, performance, and user reviews to help potential buyers make an informed choice.

Duralast vs Everstart

Duralast Gold EverStart Maxx
Offers a 3 Year Warranty Provides a 3 Year Free Warranty
Weighs 43.73lbs Weighs 44.4 lbs
Uses Flooded Battery Technology Utilizes Lead Acid Automotive Battery Technology
Has a height of 9 inch Stands at a height of 9 Inch
Belongs to BCI Group Size 24F Belongs to BCI Group Number:24F
Offers a Reserve Capacity of 130 min Offers a Reserve Capacity of 110 min
Has a Cranking Amperage of 935A Provides a Cranking Amperage of 925A
Operates at a Voltage of 12V Operates at a Voltage of 12V
Product Dimensions 10.75 x 6.8125 x 9.00 Inch Product Dimensions 10.95 x 6.00 x 9.00 Inch
Delivers a Cold Cranking Amperage of 750 Amps Delivers a Cold Cranking Amperage of 750 Amps
Positive Terminal Location on Top Right Front and Negative Terminal Location on Top Left Front Positive Terminal Location on Top Right Front and Negative Terminal Location on Top Left Front
Impact resistant construction minimizes damage from vibration Free battery testing and installation at Walmart Auto Care Center

Battery Types

Duralast Gold batteries are flooded batteries, ensuring robust starting power and an increased battery lifespan. They’re designed to function efficiently even under extreme conditions.

On the other hand, EverStart Maxx batteries are lead-acid automotive types, offering substantial cranking power while also being economical. 

Both types have their strengths, with Duralast being touted for its special paste formula and vent caps. EverStart is known for its wide compatibility across various vehicle models.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity of a battery indicates how long it can provide power when the alternator isn’t functioning. The Duralast Gold boasts a reserve capacity of 130 minutes.

While the EverStart Maxx is slightly lower at 100 minutes. This difference suggests that the Duralast Gold may offer more reliability in instances where the vehicle’s alternator is compromised.

Cold Cranking Amperage

Cold cranking amperage (CCA) is crucial, particularly in colder climates, as it determines the battery’s ability to start the vehicle under cold conditions.

The Duralast Gold provides a CCA of 750A, matching the EverStart Maxx’s CCA of 750A. This indicates that both batteries will likely offer reliable starts in cold weather.

Cranking Amperage

Regarding evaluating cranking amperage, the Duralast Gold emerges slightly ahead, delivering a robust 935A, ensuring a potent startup in various conditions.

Conversely, the EverStart Maxx, while also formidable, offers marginally less at 925A yet still provides reliable starting power in diverse weather situations.

This 10A difference may not significantly impact typical usage but points to Duralast Gold for slightly superior cranking power.


The Duralast Gold and the EverStart Maxx batteries operate at a voltage of 12VDC. This is standard for many automotive batteries and ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

Group Size

The group size of a battery can dictate its compatibility with various vehicles. Both batteries fall into the 24F group size, making them suitable for a variety of vehicles.


Warranty periods can be a significant deciding factor for many consumers. Both batteries offer a 3-year free replacement warranty, indicating the manufacturers’ confidence in their products’ longevity and performance.

Item Dimensions LxWxH

In terms of dimensions, Duralast Gold measures 10.75 inches in length, 6.8125 inches in width, and 9 inches in height. The EverStart Maxx, on the other hand, has dimensions of 10.95 x 6.00 x 9.00 inches, making it slightly longer but otherwise quite comparable in size.

Positive Terminal

The Duralast Gold and EverStart Maxx batteries exhibit subtle distinctions in terminal locations that cater to varied installation requirements. While Duralast situates its positive terminal on the top right front and the negative on the top left front, EverStart diverges with a left-side positive terminal and a right-side negative one.

These configurations accommodate diverse vehicle designs, potentially influencing buyer preference based on compatibility and ease of installation.


The Duralast Gold weighs in at 43.73 lbs, while the EverStart Maxx is slightly heavier at 44.4lbs. This small weight difference is unlikely to be a significant factor for most users but is worth noting.

Our Observation
In summary, both Duralast Gold and EverStart Maxx batteries offer reliable performance and are built to last. Your choice between the two will likely hinge on specific needs, such as reserve capacity or budget considerations.

While the Duralast Gold may offer slightly enhanced features and performance in certain areas, the EverStart Maxx provides a solid and economical alternative for those seeking a blend of reliability and affordability.

As always, assessing your vehicle’s specific requirements and consulting with professionals when making your final decision is recommended.

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