Duralast Gold Vs Platinum Battery

For the utmost dependability, Duralast is proud to offer two distinct series of batteries: Platinum and Gold. While both are manufactured under the same brand umbrella, each offers a unique suite of features and exceptional quality that give you peace of mind when it comes to premium power solutions.

Duralast Gold Vs Platinum Table

Our team has picked two of the best models from each series and created this Duralast Platinum and Duralast Gold comparison review.

Duralast Gold

Duralast Platinum

Model is Duralast Gold

Model is Duralast Platinum

Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery

Dimension is 10 X 6.88 X 8.75 Inches

Dimension is 10.94 X 6.89 X 8.19 Inches

Battery Group Size 34

Battery Group Size 25

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

3 Year Free Replacement Warranty

36 Month Free Replacement Warranty

Reserve Capacity 90 Minutes

Provides 115 Minutes of Reserve Capacity

Negative Terminal Location Top Left And Positive Terminal Location Top Right

Positive Terminal On The Right Side And A Negative Terminal On The Left Side

Cold Cranking Amps 550

Cold Cranking Amperage 740

Weight Is Around 38.81 lbs

Weight Is Around 44.4 lbs

Impact Resistant Construction Minimizes Damage From Vibration

Two Times The Cycle Life Of Conventional Batteries

Specially Designed Paste Formula Improves Performance

Has Advanced Technology For Vehicles Which Demand Greater Power

Battery Types
Duralast Platinum 34 is an AGM or Absorbed Gas Matt, a sealed lead-acid battery. AGM battery is more advanced than primary lead-acid batteries. It is excellent when it comes to preventing any external vibration. The spill-proof design prevents leakage and needs zero maintenance from your end.

Duralast Gold 25-DLG battery is the primary lead-acid battery that is very cost-effective and perfect for any average demanding vehicle. Lead-acid batteries were invented centuries ago, and the technology is mature and well-established.

Reserve Capacity
Duralast Platinum 34 battery can provide 25 amps of power for almost 115 minutes until the voltage drops to 10.5v. Duralast Gold 25-DLG, on the other hand, features 90 minutes of reserve capacity which means this battery can provide 25 amps of power to the engine for 90 minutes straight.

Though 90 minutes is a standard reserve capacity for any battery, it is less than the Duralast Platinum model. The higher the reserve capacity number, the better backup the engine will receive from the battery. Thus when reserve capacity is what you are focusing more on your battery, you know which one to choose.

Cold Cranking Amperage
Duralast Platinum 34 has 740 amps of cold cranking amperage; this battery supplies 740 amps of cold cranking amperage to the engine at 0F temperature for 30 seconds. When the car starts, the engine needs extra power, and starting off a car always puts pressure on the engine.

Cold-cranking amperage helps the engine prevent a hard start, especially in cold temperatures. We all know the hassle of starting a car when the temperature is extreme; a battery with higher cold cranking amperage diminishes the hassle to zero.

Duralast Gold 25-DLG has 550 amps of cold cranking amperage which means this battery will provide 550 amps of starting power to the combustion engine for 30 seconds at 0F temperature. Like RC, a higher number of cold cranking amperages is preferable for a battery. In extreme weather, high cold cranking amperage is also necessary if the car has a heavier alternator or advanced accessories.

Voltage refers to the power supply the battery can give to the engine or the vehicle’s accessories. Both these batteries have the standard 12v voltage capable of providing enough power to the system.

Group Size
Duralast Platinum 34 belongs to the BCI group size 34; these batteries are used for dual purposes, starting and deep cycles. Automotive, marine, off-the-grid applications, and industrial equipment mostly use this group of batteries.

Duralast Gold 25-DLG belongs to the BCI group size 25. Any battery labeled as this group size can be considered its equivalent replacement. This group of batteries is usually heavier in size. It has the most significant number of plates and grids permitted in a battery.

Both the models feature the same time frame of warranty which is three years of replacement warranty. Though other brands have more warranty limits, three years of warranty is quite a deal, along with the excellent name of Duralast in durability.

Dimensions LxWxH
Battery dimension is another factor you should consider while buying a battery; a more extensive battery will not physically fit in your car. So if the space in your engine bay is limited, you must choose the smaller battery. Duralast Platinum 34 battery dimensions are 10.94 x 6.89 x 8.19 inches, and it weighs 61.7 pounds.

Duralast Gold 25-DLG battery dimensions are 10 x 6.88 x 8.75 inches, and it weighs 70.55 pounds. As you can see, the Duralast Gold battery is bigger; thus, it will not fit in every car. If the space in your engine bay is limited, you must consider this factor while choosing any of these batteries.

Terminal Location
Both models feature the exact positive terminal location on the top left side of the battery. And the opposing corner is on the top right corner of the battery.

Our Observation
The main difference between Duralast Platinum and Duralast Gold is its reserve capacity. Duralast Platinum 34 battery has an impressive reserve capacity of 115 minutes, while the Duralast Gold 25-DLG features 90 minutes of reserve capacity. So if you are looking for a battery with a better backup, then Duralast Platinum is the way to go.

Otherwise, both these batteries are quite identical in features and performance. Choosing between these two is difficult, but the Duralast Platinum 34 is just the updated or advanced form of the Duralast Gold 25-DLG. Thus for advanced vehicles, Duralast Platinum 34 is a better choice. But in case you have average requirements and want a battery within budget, nothing can beat the Gold series.

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