AC Delco vs Duralast Car Battery

The two most renowned brands of the present automotive battery market, The ACDelco and the Duralast, are the most prominent ones. ACDelco manufactures batteries primarily for advanced and luxurious automotive models.

It belongs more to the premium side regarding performance efficiency and the price range. On the other hand, Duralast is the one-stop-shop for all sorts of needs; there are several series of batteries ranging from budget-friendly options to premium ones.

AC Delco vs Duralast Battery Table

We have picked the two best models from each brand and formatted this ACDelco Gold 48 vs Duralast Platinum H6 48 battery comparison table.


AC Delco

Model is Duralast Platinum H6

Model is AC Delco Gold

Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

Dimension is 10.937 X 6.875 X 7.5 Inches

Dimension is 11.9 X 7.5 X 7.6 Inches

Battery Group Size 48

Battery Group Size 48

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

3 Year Free Replacement Warranty

Provides A 7 Year Replacement Warranty

Reserve Capacity 120 Minutes

Provides 130 Minutes of Reserve Capacity

Negative Terminal Location Top Left And Positive Terminal Location Top Right

Positive Terminal On The Right Side And A Negative Terminal On The Left Side

Cold Cranking Amps 760

Cold Cranking Amperage 760

Weight Is Around 44.4 lbs

Weight Is Around 45.5 Pounds

Designed To Provide Maximum Starting Power And Deep Cycle Capability

High Density Negative Paste, Improves Performance And Increases Lifespan

Battery Types

Both the models are AGM or Absorbed Gas Matt battery type batteries which means these are simply sealed lead-acid batteries. These batteries feature a spill-proof design that keeps the fluids safely intact and prevents leakage. Other than conventional batteries AGM batteries keep the fluid in suspense form.

These batteries are usually more performance-driven and costlier than basic lead-acid batteries. Again, AGM batteries work exceptionally well when protecting the system from external vibration. Despite belonging to the same group type, the batteries have some individual differences; those are explained in the following sections.

ACDelco Gold 48 battery uses high-density negative paste to accelerate the performance efficiency. Again, the alloy or Silver Calcium stamped alloy increases the cycle life. The Calcium lead positive grid enhances resistance and conductivity. To prevent acid leakage, it introduces the vent cap design. Also, the puncture-resistant back and a sturdy envelope separator maximize acid circulation, ultimately leading to extended battery life by keeping the battery cool.

On the other hand, the Duralast Platinum H6 48 battery offers two times more cycle life than the average battery. For vehicles that have advanced accessories and need extra backup, this battery is to serve such vehicles. It excels in providing maximum starting power and deep cycle capabilities. Again, this leakage-proof battery recharges vest fast and cycles more simultaneously.

Reserve Capacity

ACDelco Gold 48 features 120 minutes of reserve capacity which means this battery can provide 25 amps of backup power for almost 120 minutes to the engine until the voltage drops to 10.5v. Reserve capacity is vital for any engine’s durability.

Suppose the battery can provide the necessary electrical power to the alternator. In that case, the battery’s reserve capacity will back up the engine. Reserve capacity is measured when the battery is not charging. It also prevents the battery from overrunning as the users already know the backup time.

The Duralast Platinum H6 48 battery provides 130 minutes of backup power. So, this battery will provide five amps of power to the engine for almost 130 minutes until the voltage decreases to 10.5v. Alternators provide power to the accessories of any car. And in case the alternator fails and the engine runs on adequate electrical power, the battery’s reserve capacity comes as the backup.

Cold-Cranking Amperage

Both the batteries feature the same cold-cranking amperage; they provide 760 amps of power while starting the vehicle. Starting an automotive vehicle needs power, and especially in cold temperatures, it becomes very tough to start the combustion engine. And sometimes, a hard start can wear off the engine as well.

Thus a battery having a high cold cranking amperage is very important to support the engine while starting the vehicle. These models provide 760 amps of power in 0F temperature while starting the vehicle. Cold-cranking amperage is one of the most crucial parameters for determining whether the battery is good or bad.

Again, if you wish to upgrade your alternator and opt for a heavy one. The cold-cranking amperage of the battery must be capable of handling heavier amperage. Thus, choosing a battery with higher cold cranking amperage is always wise.


Both the batteries again feature the same standard 12v voltage. This voltage is more than sufficient to power even the advanced accessories that require a great amount of power.

Group Size

Both ACDelco Gold 48 and Duralast Platinum H6 48 belong to the same BCI group size, and that is 48. These mid-range batteries are extremely common in automotive and marine vehicles. While the main power is not present or the main engine is turned off, this battery works both as a starting and a dual-purpose battery. Again, H6 or L3 batteries (DIN standard) EN 66L3 (EN standard) are the replaceable equivalent models of these 48 group batteries.


Most batteries are costly; thus, having a good and prolonged warranty is a must. Buyers must look for the warranty time duration and the type of warranty on the manufacturer’s guide. The ACDelco Gold 48 battery provides a seven-year replacement warranty, probably one of the most extended warranty limits among its contemporaries. On the contrary, the Duralast Platinum H6 48 provides a typical three years replacement just like most models.

Dimensions LxWxH

Battery dimension is again very crucial when you are buying a battery. It refers to the size of the battery. Also, it determines whether the battery will be fit in your vehicle or not. Before purchasing any battery, make sure to check the dimension and determine whether it is fit for your vehicle or not. ACDelco Gold 48 is ‎11.9 x 7.5 x 7.6 inches and Duralast Platinum H6 48 is 10.937inX 6.875inX 7.5in.

Terminal Location

Both the models feature the exact positive terminal location. The positive terminal location of these top post batteries is on the right side, and the negative terminal location is on the left side.


Weight is quite important in AGM or lead-acid batteries. The more weight the battery will be, the more fluid or suspension it will carry. Thus heavier batteries are considered to have more fluid, therefore a more extended power supply. ACDelco Gold 48 weighs ‎45.5 pounds, and Duralast Platinum H6 48 weighs 44.4lbs.

Our Observation

The main difference between ac delco and duralast batteries is the warranty period. The ACDelco Gold 48 battery has a seven-year replacement warranty. The Duralast Platinum H6 48 battery typically has a three-year replacement warranty.

After observing the two battery models, we think they are good choices. They both have a high cold cranking amperage and an extended warranty period. However, the ACDelco Gold 48 battery is a bit more expensive than the Duralast Platinum H6 48 battery.

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