AC Delco vs Duralast Car Battery

One of the leading differences between AC Delco and Duralast gold battery is warranty length. AC Delco battery have a more extended 42-month warranty compared to 36 months for Duralast.

ACDelco vs Duralast

We have picked the two best models from each brand and formatted comparison table.

Duralast AC Delco
Price: $209.99 Price: $229.99
Warranty: 3 years Warranty: 42 months
Cranking Amps: 1000A Cranking Amps: 875A
Cold Cranking Amps: 800A Cold Cranking Amps: 750A
Reserve Capacity: 105 mins Reserve Capacity: 120 mins
Weight: 37.7 lbs Weight: 39.7 lbs
Terminal Type: SAE – Type A Terminal Type: SAE – Type A
Negative Terminal Location: Top right front Negative Terminal Location: Top right front
Positive Terminal Location: Top left front Positive Terminal Location: Top left front

Battery Technology

Both AC Delco and Duralast use advanced lead-acid battery technology in their gold line batteries. Key components include calcium lead positive grids to improve conductivity and envelope separators to prevent shorts and enhance acid flow.

Duralast uses a specially formulated paste to boost performance, while AC Delco utilizes high-density negative paste. Both brands manufacture reinforced, leak-resistant cases and premium vent caps as well. The technology is quite comparable between the two battery lines.


AC Delco provides a slightly longer 42-month warranty than 36 months from Duralast. Both warranties feature free replacement during the coverage period.

AC Delco’s additional six months of warranty coverage gives it a slight advantage for consumers looking for the best long-term value.

Group Size

The particular AC Delco and Duralast models compared are both compatible with vehicles requiring a BCI Group Size 34 battery.

This group size is commonly used in many pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs from manufacturers like Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Dodge. Either battery would suit a vehicle specified for a Group 34 size.

Cold Cranking Amps

With cold cranking amps being critical for starting power in cold weather, Duralast’s 800 amps give it an edge over AC Delco’s 750 amps in this category.

The higher cold-cranking performance of the Duralast would make it the better choice for drivers in colder climates.

Cranking Amperage

For standard cranking power needed for starting at normal temperatures, AC Delco rates slightly higher at 875 amps vs 1000 amps for the Duralast. This gives AC Delco batteries an advantage in moderate weather starting.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity indicates the length of time a battery can deliver the minimum required power in a vehicle.

With a 120-minute reserve capacity, AC Delco surpasses Duralast’s 105 minutes in this metric. AC Delco would be the recommended pick for drivers who are concerned about deep reserve power.


With a retail price of $209.99, the Duralast Group 34 battery evaluated costs approximately $20 less than the comparable $229.99 AC Delco model.

The lower price point makes Duralast a more budget-friendly option for shoppers looking to save money on a replacement battery.

Terminal Location

Both batteries have a standard top post-SAE terminal configuration, with positive on the left and negative on the right. The similar terminal positioning allows for straightforward installation in various vehicles.


The AC Delco measures 10.2 x 6.8 x 8.1 inches, while the Duralast comes in at 10.25 x 6.81 x 7.88 inches. Given the very minor dimensional differences, there would be no discernible fitment issue with either battery in a compatible Group 34 application.


At 37.7 pounds, the Duralast Group 34 weighs over 2 pounds less than the 39.7-pound AC Delco equivalent. The lighter heft may benefit drivers looking to save a little weight, but the difference is relatively small.


The AC Delco and Duralast batteries compared are standard 12-volt models, suitable for most automotive applications. Voltage does not differentiate between the two brands for this group size.

Our Observation
The Duralast Gold seems to edge out the AC Delco overall regarding performance specs like higher cold cranking amps and cranking amps. Though the AC Delco has a slightly longer warranty and more reserve capacity.

The Duralast’s superior starting power in cold weather and lower price make it a better choice for the average driver. Ultimately, we’d recommend the Duralast 34-DLG model for its combination of solid performance, good warranty coverage, and reasonable cost. This battery offers the best value for most drivers.

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