Gator SR1 vs Truxedo TruXport

Tonneau cover has become an everyday necessity for any cargo driver to ensure the supreme protection of the cargo against all odds. But buying a tonneau cover these days can be very confusing as plenty of options are available in the market. 

Among all the brands today, we have picked Gator and Truxedo to create a detailed Gator SR1 and Truxedo TruXport comparison so that the customers can get their hands on the product they need.

Why Compare?

These brand series come under a similar price range and are soft roll-up covers. Both the brands have a couple of series, but these two models belong to the primary series. They are designed to meet the basic or average necessities regarding cargo safety.

These two models have some individual features that a customer must know before investing in any of them. The main difference between the gator sr1 and truxedo truxport tonneau cover is that the gator sr1 comprises aluminum frames. In contrast, the truxedo truxport is made up of vinyl fabric.


Gator SR1 uses commercial-grade vinyl as the tonneau cover material. Vinyl is considered one of the most durable materials in the tonneau cover industry. The material itself claims tear-proof built, which expands the cover’s life expectancy. Moreover, it gives a seamless fit and prevents any sort of creases. Taking care of vinyl fabric is also very easy, and on top of that, it is washable.

Truxedo TruXport uses leather grain vinyl material, a more advanced material than the primary vinyl material. And the leather grain vinyl is widely known for its durability and ability to protect against the weather and harsh elements.

Exterior Design

The Gator SR1 is placed 1 1/2″ above the bed rails and rolls to the cab to ensure full bed access. The cover is designed with a smooth finished look and looks exquisite on your vehicle. The aerodynamic design looks extremely appealing and, at the same time, increases the functionality of the bed cover. The whole bed access facility is very useful for extra cargo carrying.

Truxedo TruXport is located 1.5″ above the truck bed rail and provides a low profile appearance. It is designed so that it gives a unique look compared to the Gator model. There are straight cross tubes for a smoother and more flat look when the cover is closed.

Weather Protection

First, when it comes to weather protection, Gator SR1 nails the game with its sturdy material. The vinyl material is waterproof, thus preventing any water intrusion inside the cargo. The same goes for dust and snow. There are added water seals that keep the truck bed dry. The cover mounts on the top of the bed caps and provides a higher seal experience.

Truxedo TruXport has unique cross bars bows to protect against heavy snowfall and works against rainfall. The preset tension control system is built to integrate the dual latching system extremely tight to provide a superior seal. This tension control system works as a game-changer to keep the truck bed dry and dust-free.

Fit bed Size

When using a truck bed cover, the most important factor in buying a cover that fits your truck bed. Different truck bed sizes are manufactured for other vehicle models. Before buying, always read the customer manual beforehand to ensure it fits your truck bed.

The Gator SR1 model fits the 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 6.4 FT Bed w/o RamBox. On the contrary, the Truxedo TruXport supports Fits 2019 – 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 w/ or without a Multi-Function (Split) Tailgate 5′ 7″ Bed (67.4″).

Ease of Use

Gator SR1 is designed, so customers feel zero hassle while opening or closing the tonneau, unlike its competitors. The simple latch system makes releasing the cover so easy and convenient. A hook-and-loop roll-up design makes the operation effortless and prevents creases or snaps. Users can also drive the vehicle by keeping the cover open and securing it to the storage straps.

Truxedo TruXport has dual paddle latches; to open the cover, users don’t have to pull or push the cover. Unlock the latch from each side, and the cover is ready to roll. It does not move or flap while driving as the cab buckle keeps it in place. Removing this cover again is very easy and does not need extra tools.

Lock Mechanism

Gator SR1 does not use any rocket science in the lock mechanism. Instead, it keeps it basic and ensures the cargo remains safe without all those extra fusses. The automatic spring tension control keeps the cover tight to the bed rail and provides the ultimate seal.

Also, the latch system keeps the truck bed cover attached tightly to the truck bed rail and prevents any potential theft or intrusion. Users can also lock the cover to the tailgate using an additional lock system for better safety. Truxedo TruXport can be closed at the tailgate using extra locks, or the inbuilt dual paddle latches can be used to keep the truck bed lock. Dual paddle latches securely adjust the truck bed to the truck rails and provide necessary protection to the cargo.

Weight & Dimensions

Gator covers are incredibly light in weight and easy to install. The average weight of the covers is around 30-35 lbs. The dimensions of the Gator SR1 model are 63.5″ X 21.25″ X 6″. Truxedo TruXport is a bit heavy compared to the Gator model. It weighs around 60 lbs. The dimensions of this model are 67″ X 25.5″ X 6.75″.


As Gator SR1 focuses on customer ease, it also keeps the installation easy. The users may only need 30 minutes to install this cover, and no drilling is required. Truxedo TruXport also has no drilling installation process and ensures the customers do not need extra helping hands.

Final Words

Gator covers are best known for their easy installation and usage process. The company focuses on providing the best customer experience. The covers are light in weight and extremely easy to use.

On the other hand, Truxedo TruXport is a bit heavy but comes with some additional features. The cover is a bit difficult to install but once done, it provides all the necessary protection to the cargo. Both the models offer five years of replacement warranty.

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