Duralast Marine Battery Review

For boaters looking for a reliable and durable marine battery, the Duralast Marine Battery is an excellent option to consider. Duralast is one of the top brands when it comes to auto parts and accessories, and their marine batteries deliver powerful starting ability and long-lasting deep-cycle performance.

Duralast Marine Battery

Specification Details
Battery Technology Advanced lead-acid; patented grid manufacturing; optimized vent caps, Solidium welds, Lifespan negative paste
Warranty 1 year free replacement
Group Size 24, 27, 29H, 31A
Cold Cranking Amps 550A to 875A
Marine Cranking Amps 685A to 1030A
Reserve Capacity 135min to 210min
Price $90 to $250
Terminal Location Negative: Top right front; Positive: Top left front
Weight 45.4lbs to 64.2lbs
Voltage 12VDC

Battery Technology

Duralast Marine Batteries utilize advanced lead-acid battery technology to deliver optimal power for starting and deep cycling applications.

They are engineered with patented grid manufacturing methods that enhance efficiency and vibration resistance. The batteries also utilize vent caps designed to reduce leakage and corrosion.

As well as proprietary Solidium welds on the terminals to inhibit premature failure. Duralast’s advanced Lifespan negative paste formulation also helps prolong overall battery service life.


All Duralast Marine Batteries come with a 1-year free replacement warranty. This ensures you are covered in case of any manufacturing defects or premature failure. The warranty provides peace of mind that you are purchasing a high-quality and durable product.

Group Size

Duralast Marine Batteries are available in group sizes 24, 27, 29H, and 31A. This range of sizes provides a battery option for small to larger marine applications.

Whether you need a battery for a jet ski, small fishing boat, or larger yacht, there is a Duralast group size to meet your needs. The 31A size, in particular, is well-suited for larger boats with higher power demands.

Cold Cranking Amps

With ratings from 550A up to 875A, Duralast Marine Batteries offer very high cold cranking amps suitable for powering your engine during cold weather startup.

The higher CCA ratings are ideal for larger marine engines with high starting power demands. Even in frigid conditions, you can rely on a Duralast battery to deliver ample starting current.

Reserve Capacity

An important specification for dual-purpose marine batteries is reserve capacity, which indicates how long a battery can deliver power for continued accessory use if the engine is not running.

Duralast batteries provide between 135 minutes up to 210 minutes of reserve capacity. This gives you plenty of power for running electronics, lights, pumps, winches, and other equipment for extended periods when docked or at anchor.

Terminal Location

Duralast Marine Batteries have a standard top terminal configuration, with the negative terminal located on the top right front and the positive terminal located on the top left front.

This makes the terminals easy to access for installing battery cables and connectors. The top terminal location also helps reduce corrosion problems.


These batteries provide a typical 12V nominal voltage, making them ideal replacements for standard 12V marine starting and deep-cycle battery applications.


Depending on group size, Duralast Marine Batteries range from around 45 to 65 pounds in weight. While not ultra-lightweight, these batteries are comparable in heft to other marine batteries with similar power specs. The heavier-weight batteries offer higher power capacity.


Pricing for Duralast Marine Batteries ranges from around $90 up to $250, with the larger group-size batteries representing the higher end of the price range.

The prices are very reasonable given the proven Duralast quality and performance you receive. Expect to pay more for premium AGM or lithium marine batteries, making these lead-acid batteries a cost-effective option.

Additional Features

Beyond their core performance specs, Duralast Marine Batteries include several beneficial features. The innovative vent caps help minimize electrolyte loss from splashing and vibration, maximizing service life.

The sealed Solidium terminal connections also help reduce corrosion issues for enhanced durability. Duralast marine batteries work well for powering trolling motors in addition to engine starting applications.

With their combination of high power, deep cycling ability, and competitive pricing, Duralast batteries are one of the best marine battery choices available today.

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