Everstart 29dc vs 29dc Maxx

Boating enthusiasts and marine adventurers know that a reliable power source is paramount to enjoying unbridled freedom on the waters.

In today’s dive, we embark on a journey to explore and contrast two contenders in marine batteries, the EverStart 29DC and its sibling, the 29DC Maxx.

Everstart 29dc vs 29dc maxx

Everstart 29DC Everstart 29DC Maxx
Assembled Product Weight Around 56 lb. Assembled Product Weight Around 61 lb.
Assembled Product Dimensions Around 12.99 x 6.77 x 8.54 Inches Assembled Product Dimensions Around 13.00 x 6.80 x 10.00 Inches
122 AHs (@ 1A) 114 AHs (@1A)
12 Month Replacement Warranty 24 Month Replacement Warranty
845 MC 845 MC
Maintenance-free under normal circumstances Maintenance-free
12-volt marine deep cycle battery 12-volt marine deep cycle battery
Dual post Dual post
Top cycling and recharge capabilities 30% more recharge cycles
Price $119.87 Price $119.87

Battery Types

Both the EverStart 29DC and 29DC Maxx are 12-volt lead-acid marine batteries crafted explicitly for deep cycling capabilities.

They cater to the elevated electrical demands of RVs and boats, including powering trolling motors, radios, GPS systems, fish finders, and other accessories.

Price Point

The fiscal journey into the marine battery world is often swayed by the features offered vis-à-vis the investment required. EverStart 29DC and the 29DC Maxx are tagged at $119.87, leveling the playing field regarding initial financial outlay.

This identical pricing makes your selection hinge more on features and specifications rather than cost, ensuring you evaluate the qualitative aspects of each option more critically.

Marine Cranking Amperage

Both batteries boast an 845 Marine Cranking Amperage (MCA), ensuring reliable startup and sustained power delivery for boating applications. The identical MCA means these batteries provide the same initial boost, though their overall performance and longevity may differ due to other factors.


Each battery operates at a standard 12 volts, suitable for most marine and RV applications, demonstrating compatibility with a wide array of accessories and ensuring a steady power flow during your escapades on the water.

Group Size

Both batteries come under the Group Size 29DC, indicating a certain level of uniformity in their physical dimensions and electrochemical specifications.


Warranty distinctions draw a significant line between the two: The EverStart Maxx 29DC stands out with a 2-year free replacement warranty, presenting a secure investment for users.

On the flip side, the EverStart 29DC provides a 1-year free replacement warranty, offering a shorter safety net in terms of long-term usability and reliability.

Dimensions LxWxH

Although slightly different, both batteries are comparably sized, with the Maxx model measuring 13.00 x 6.80 x 10.00 inches, while its counterpart, the 29DC, is close at 12.99 x 6.77 x 8.54 inches.

These minor differences may not largely impact the battery’s fitting into your boat or RV but can be a deciding factor in tight spaces.

Terminal Location

Both batteries feature a dual post terminal location, providing versatile connecting options and making them adaptable to various setups and configurations on your boat or RV.


A slight divergence appears in the weight category, with the 29DC Maxx tipping the scales at 61 lb and the 29DC coming in slightly lighter at 56 lb. The weight difference could influence your choice depending on your vessel’s weight limitations and balance considerations.

Important Feature

Regarding distinguishing features, the EverStart Maxx 29DC claims to possess 30% more recharge cycles than standard marine batteries, implying a potentially longer lifespan and consistent performance over its operational life.

Meanwhile, the 29DC is recognized for its top cycling and recharge capabilities, sans a specific percentage to quantify its superiority over other batteries.

Our Observation
Upon inspecting the EverStart Maxx 29DC, I’m genuinely impressed by its offerings. It’s evident that this battery is built to serve the avid boater or RV enthusiast, considering its high amp-hour rating and robust 845 MCA. 

The “30% more recharge cycles” claim stands out, suggesting its longevity and ability to handle frequent usage. While both variants seem almost identical in specs and price, the difference in warranty is notable – one offers a 2-year free replacement, and the other just one year. 

This speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability. Given these attributes, I’d say this battery provides excellent value for the price.

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