Everstart Maxx 35N vs 24F

In the modern era of automotive engineering, vehicle batteries become a pivotal component, not only providing the initial kick to start the engine but also sustaining electrical stability throughout the ride.

The EverStart Maxx series of lead-acid automotive batteries, notably the 35N and 24F, stand tall amongst alternatives. Both promise a robust and reliable source of energy for various vehicle types. But which one edges out when put against each other?

Everstart Maxx 35N vs 24F

Group Size 35N Group Size 24F
Price: $139.84 Price: $139.84
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 640 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 750
Cranking Amps: 800 Cranking Amps: 925
Weight: 38.2 lbs Weight: 44.4 lbs
Dimension: 9.30 x 5.05 x 8.85 inches Dimension: 10.95 x 6.00 x 9.00 inches
Negative Terminal: Top Left; Positive Terminal: Top Right Negative Terminal: Top Left; Positive Terminal: Top Right
Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes
3-year free replacement warranty 3-year free replacement warranty
Suitable for: motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, water craft General automotive use
Free battery testing and installation at Walmart Auto Center Free battery testing and installation at Walmart Auto Center
Free lead-acid battery recycling at Walmart Free lead-acid battery recycling at Walmart

Battery Types

Both the 35N and EverStart Maxx 24F models are lead-acid batteries, which are well-regarded for their durability, dependability, and affordability. They’re specially designed to provide consistent starting power, even in harsh conditions.

Reserve Capacity

Providing 120 minutes of reserve capacity, both 35N and EverStart Maxx 24F models afford the driver peace of mind, ensuring continuous power supply to essential vehicle systems even if the charging system fails. In scenarios where you accidentally leave your headlights on or encounter a charging system failure, the generous reserve will keep you moving.

Cold Cranking Amperage

Differing slightly in their cranking prowess, the 35N model offers a substantial 640 CCA, whereas the EverStart Maxx 24F propels ahead with a robust 750 CCA. This means the EverStart Maxx 24F could provide a tad more initial energy in colder conditions, potentially making it a preferable choice for those in chillier climates.

Cranking Amperage

The EverStart Maxx 35N gives a cranking amperage of 800, while the EverStart Maxx 24F slightly outshines it with a notable 925 cranking amps, furnishing it with slightly more starting power under normal conditions, which can be particularly beneficial for power-hungry vehicles or those used in more demanding driving conditions.


Both batteries deliver a standard 12 volts of power, aligning with the needs of the vast majority of automotive vehicles on the market, supporting all onboard electronics seamlessly.

Group Size

Here the choice between the 35N and EverStart Maxx 24F may hinge on your vehicle’s specific requirements. With distinct physical sizes – 35N being generally more compact than the 24F – it’s imperative to consult your vehicle’s manual or a professional to ensure the precise fit and secure installation.


Peace of mind is standard with both models, each coming with a robust 3-year free replacement warranty, safeguarding your investment and ensuring reliable, hassle-free driving experiences.

Dimensions LxWxH

Dimensional distinctions are crucial to guarantee a snug fit. The 35N is smaller at 9.30 x 5.05 x 8.85 inches, whereas the EverStart Maxx 24F is slightly larger at 10.95 x 6.00 x 9.00 inches. The compatibility with your vehicle compartment could be the defining factor in this comparison.

Positive Terminal Location

Both batteries feature their positive terminal on the top right, providing a consistent setup and installation process, reducing the potential for installation errors, and ensuring a safe and secure connection.


Comparatively, the 35N is a lighter option at around 38.2 lbs, while the EverStart Maxx 24F tips the scales at 44.4 lbs. Depending on the vehicle type and your preference for a lightweight setup, the 35N might steer ahead in this aspect.

Important Feature

A standout feature shared by both batteries is the free battery testing, installation, and recycling services available at your local Walmart Auto Care Center. This additional service not only assures you of the quality of the battery but also offers convenience during installation or replacement.

Our Observation
From my assessment, the EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Batteries for both Group Size 35N and 24F are robust options for powering your vehicles. The Group Size 35N offers a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of 640 and dimensions of 9.30 x 5.05 x 8.85 inches. 

In comparison, the Group Size 24F delivers a higher CCA of 750 with slightly larger dimensions of 10.95 x 6.00 x 9.00 inches. It’s intriguing to see how such differences in size and power are offered at the same price of $139.84.

Additionally, I’m impressed by the 3-year free replacement warranty for both, ensuring reliability. Moreover, the 120 minutes of reserve capacity on each battery offers peace of mind for users.

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