Everstart Maxx H7 vs H8 Battery

Navigating the world of automotive batteries can be electrifying, especially when options like the EverStart Maxx H7 and H8 are on the table. Let’s thoroughly compare these two powerhouses, highlighting their strengths and subtleties that cater to various vehicular needs, shall we?

H7 vs H8 Battery

H7 Battery H8 Battery
Group Size: H7 Group Size: H8
Price: $179.84 Price: $179.84
Voltage: Not Specified Voltage: 12 Volts
CCA: 850 CCA: 900
RC: 140 minutes RC: 160 minutes
Ah: 80 Ah: 95
Weight: 52.02 lbs Weight: 58.97 lb
Dimensions: 12.44″ x 6.94″ x 7.5″ Dimensions: 13.94″ x 6.94″ x 7.5″
Suited for vehicles with high electrical needs Suited for vehicles with high electrical needs
Extended Life: Up to 2X conventional batteries Extended Life: Up to 2X conventional batteries
Reliability: 850 CCA Reliability: 900 CCA
4-year free replacement warranty 4-year free replacement warranty
Free battery testing and installation Free battery testing and installation
Fits various vehicles; use Battery Lookup Tool Fits various vehicles; use Battery Lookup Tool
Supports numerous electronic components Supports numerous electronic components
Negative: Top Right Negative: Top Right
Positive: Top Left Positive: Top Left

Battery Types

Regarding battery types, the EverStart H7 and H8 boast Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, standing out in the market for their durability and longevity.

AGM batteries are renowned for their ability to withstand frequent discharge and recharge cycles, making them especially suitable for vehicles with high electrical demands.

In this realm, H7 and H8 don’t display a stark difference but stand united in offering robust performance and supporting vehicles laden with power-hungry electronic components.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity is a pivotal aspect to ponder upon. The H7 model has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes, whereas the H8 outshines slightly with a heftier 160 minutes.

The latter may provide that extra cushion during those nail-biting moments when your vehicle demands that additional power, particularly in supporting ancillary electronic features during periods when the alternator is not operating optimally.

Cold Cranking Amperage

Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA) is the muscle behind your battery when starting your vehicle in chilly temperatures. The H7 flexes with 850 CCA, while the H8 nudges ahead with a robust 900 CCA.

Reside in a region prone to colder climates. The H8 might be the extra assurance you need to keep those winter morning start-ups smooth and uneventful.


Both batteries deliver a standard 12 volts in voltage, ensuring your vehicle has the necessary jolt to power up and sustain electrical functionalities smoothly.

Here, you’ll find equality in the performance and reliability between the H7 and H8, providing that quintessential voltage to keep your vehicle’s electrical components lively and operative.

Group Size

Group size highlights a battery’s physical dimensions and terminal type. Our contenders, H7 and H8, distinguish themselves with group sizes of 94R and 49, respectively.

Though the specifics need to be cross-checked with your vehicle’s requirements, either size offers a sturdy and reliable fit for a multitude of models.


Worry not about longevity because, in the warranty department, both the EverStart Maxx H7 and H8 offer a reassuring 4-year free replacement warranty.

They stand side-by-side, promising a solid lifespan and peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Diving into dimensions, the H7 is measured at 12.44″ x 6.94″ x 7.5″, whereas the H8 slightly stretches out at 13.94″ x 6.94″ x 7.50″.

The H8 may offer a snug fit for vehicles that accommodate its lengthier stature, providing spatial harmony within the battery compartment.

Terminal Location

Both batteries ensure familiarity with the terminal location, featuring the negative terminal at the top right and the positive at the top left. This standardized setup ensures easy installation and compatibility with a myriad of vehicle models.


Weight also plays its part, with the H7 weighing in at 52.02 lbs and the H8 tipping the scales slightly heavier at 58.97 lbs.

Depending on your preference for a lighter battery (and potentially easier installation) or the heavier counterpart, your choice might lean towards the H7 or H8 respectively.

Important Feature

  • Providing 850 CCA (H7) and 900 CCA (H8), ensuring reliable start-ups in various conditions.
  • Paving the way for extended battery life and stellar performance across numerous applications.
  • Up to 2X longer than conventional batteries, promoting longevity and consistent power delivery.
  • Including battery testing and installation at Walmart Auto Care Center, enhancing user convenience.
  • Capable of fitting various vehicle makes and models, offering wide applicability.
  • Assisting users in selecting the right battery for their specific vehicle model, ensuring apt compatibility and performance.
  • Enabling users to responsibly dispose of their old batteries at local Walmart stores, emphasizing environmental responsibility.

Our Observation
From my perspective, both the EverStart Platinum AGM Automotive Batteries for Group Sizes H7 and H8 are top-tier options. However, if you’re looking for a battery that provides more power and a higher reserve capacity, the Group Size H8 stands out.

It boasts 900 CCA and a reserve of 160 minutes, compared to the 850 CCA and 140-minute reserve of the H7. Also, the H8’s compatibility with a variety of vehicle makes and models is noteworthy.

That said, while both batteries will undeniably serve vehicles with high electronic demands proficiently, I recommend the Group Size H8 for those seeking that extra punch of power and longevity.

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