Everstart Maxx vs Platinum Battery

Everstart is one of the leading battery manufacturing companies of present times. It undoubtedly has a cult fan base due to its consistent product quality. Over the years, this brand has launched several lines; The Maxx and Platinum series are the prominent ones among them.

While the Everstart Maxx belongs to the lead-acid battery category, the Everstart Platinum belongs to the AGM battery category. Other than this, there are other vital differences present between these two series; the rest of the content will show a proper outline of the Everstart Maxx and Platinum comparison.

Everstart Maxx vs Platinum Table

Everstart Maxx

Everstart Platinum

Model is Everstart Maxx 24

Model is Everstart Maxx H8

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery

Dimension is 10.90 x 6.85 x 9.45 Inches

Dimension is 13.90 x 6.90 x 7.50 Inches

Battery Group Size 24

Battery Group Size H8

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

3 Year Free Replacement Warranty

4 Year Free Replacement Warranty

130 Minutes of Reserve Capacity

Feature 130 Min Of Reserve Capacity

Positive Terminal On The Right Side At The Top Of The Battery

Positive Terminal On The Right Side At The Top Of The Battery

Delivers 700 Cold Cranking Amps

760 Cold-cranking Amperage

Weight Is Around 50.9 Lbs

Weight Is Around 52 lbs

Compatible With Wide Range Models

Fits In Various Range of Models

Top Posts So You Can Easily Connecting Positive

Provides Maximum Starting Power

Battery Types

The Everstart Maxx 24 is a lead-acid battery that is rechargeable and is widely used for its large current and surge capability. Lead-acid batteries have been present in the industry for more than 150 years. They are usually very famous for their low manufactural cost. An essential lead-acid contains positive pate, negative plate, separator, and electrolyte (water and sulphuric acid).

Though these batteries are used for multipurpose, it is very effective in starting an internal combustion engine as well. Everstart Platinum is an AGM battery that is exceptionally appreciable for its durability. AGM batteries are a type of sealed lead-acid battery. Rather than keeping the electrolyte in a liquid form rather than keeping it in a suspense form.

An insulating gasket is made of thin fiberglass for containing electrolytes. This gasket is placed between the positive and negative plates to separate the plates. AGM batteries are relatively high in price. This type of battery is perfect for preventing vibration and external turbulence.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity refers to the continuation time of providing power to the vehicle of a battery. Both Everstart Maxx 24 and Everstart Platinum feature 130 min of reserve capacity. These models can provide 25 amp power for 130 minutes at a stretch.

Usually, the higher the reserve capacity is, the better the backup would be. Though 130 minutes is quite good, some models have higher reserve capacity. But considering the price range and different requirements, 130 minutes of reserve capacity is pretty good.

Cold-Cranking Amperage

Everstart Maxx 24 comes with 700 cold-cranking amperage, which means this battery can provide 700 CCA for 30 seconds at 0F. Cold-cranking amperage determines the power of engines under extreme weather conditions. Though this model does not still feature the high range col cranking amperage, the number is satisfactory.

Everstart Platinum features 760 cold-cranking amperage that refers to 760 CCA under 0F temperature for 30 seconds. It has a slightly higher cold cranking amperage than the Maxx 24. Undoubtedly, this one will be a better choice to start a vehicle in extremely cold weather.


Voltage is one of the most vital features of any car battery. Users must look for the voltage as different vehicle engine demand range of voltage. Both Everstart Maxx 24 and Everstart Platinum feature 12v, which is regarded as the standard voltage for any car battery.

A 12v battery can keep the sensor protected while running the alternator without any difficulty. Also, 12v batteries prevent any hard start. This is perfect for any vehicle.

Group Size

The Everstart Maxx 24 belongs to BCI group 24 and is basically used for general purposes. Though batteries of this group are hardly used for cranking or starting purposes, they are primarily used for deep cycle purposes. Apart from being used in vehicles, it is also used in large UPS, wheelchairs, security systems, medical equipment, etc.

Group 24 and 34 batteries feature almost the exact dimensions; thus, these two are interchangeable. And as the group 24 battery is general-purpose, if anyone needs a dual-purpose battery, they may replace it with the group 34 battery. The Eeverstart Platinum belongs to group H6 or BCI group 48. This is a multipurpose battery; it can be used to start or even power the engine while the engine is not powering itself.

However, it is mainly used in vehicles and light industrial machines, marine, etc. The dimension of this battery is also similar to the group 98R. Thus, this battery can be interchanged with group 48 and 98R batteries according to the size.


Investing in a battery means a whopping amount of money; thus, a specific warranty period is mandatory. The Everstart Maxx 24 comes with three years of replacement warranty. Being advanced in all aspects, the platinum series also excels in warranty as it gives an additional year of warranty. This means it comes with four years of replacement warranty.


In Lead Acid batteries, the dimension matters a lot. The bigger the measurement is, there will be more room for electrolytes. The Everstart Maxx 24 is 10.90 x 6.85 x 9.45 inches in size. And the Everstart Platinum is 11.90 x 7.50 x 7.70 Inches; clearly, it is bigger than the Maxx 24. This means the Everstart Platinum is more powerful and contains more electrolytes than the Maxx 24.

Terminal Location

Both the models are top post-built for better connectivity options. And the positive terminal position in both the models is on the top at the right side. And the negative terminal position is on the left side. Weight. Heavyweight lead-acid batteries are considered more powerful than lightweight models.

But the weight does not necessarily determine the quality of the battery, yet it is considered better. The Everstart Maxx 24 is 37.4 lbs. This is quite lightweight and easy to carry. The Everstart platinum weighs 45.4 oz. which is heavier than its competitor but not extremely heavy to cause problems while moving.

Our Observation

The main difference between Everstart Maxx and the Platinum battery is in the warranty period. The Everstart Maxx 24 battery comes with a three-year replacement warranty. The Eeverstart Platinum battery comes with a four-year replacement warranty.

Suppose you are looking for a battery with a more extended warranty period. In that case, the Eeverstart Platinum battery is the better option. However, if you are looking for a more affordable battery, the Everstart Maxx 24 battery is the better option.

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