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If you’re looking for information on Exide batteries, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about these popular batteries. We’ll cover everything from product specifications to warranty information so that you can make an informed purchase. Thanks for reading!

Are Exide Batteries AGM?

Yes, Exide batteries are AGM batteries. AGM stands for absorbed glass mat, which is a type of battery construction. AGM batteries are known for their high performance and long life. But not all batteries are AGM. They also have Wet, And Gel type batteries. So There’s A Battery For All Budgets!

Exide batteries use a thin, absorbent glass mat to separate the battery’s positive and negative plates. This design prevents the battery from leaking acid, which can damage your car or other equipment.

Are Exide Batteries Good?

As you know that AGM batteries are good, and Exide batteries are AGM, so you can say that they are good. There are many benefits of using Exide batteries over other types of batteries. For example, AGM batteries can withstand higher temperatures than traditional lead-acid batteries.

This means that they are less likely to overheat and catch fire. AGM batteries also have a higher cold-cranking amps rating, which means they will perform better in cold weather.

Are Exide Batteries Made In USA?

Exide batteries are products made by Exide Technologies in the United States. The company is based in Milton, Georgia, and has other manufacturing locations in Europe and Asia. Exide Technologies was founded in 1888, and it is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. Exide batteries are used in various applications, including automotive, marine, and industrial.

How Long Do Exide Batteries Last?

The lifespan of an Exide battery depends on several factors, including which type of battery it is. For example, a deep-cycle battery will last longer than a starter battery. The average lifespan of an Exide car battery is three to five years. However, if you take good care of your battery, it can last even longer.

How To Charge Exide Battery At Home?

Charging an Exide battery at home is easy. Just connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the corresponding terminals on the charger. Then, plug the charger into an outlet and turn it on. Most chargers have a built-in timer, so you can set it and forget it. Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the charger and store it in a cool, dry place.

How To Claim Exide Battery Warranty?

If you have an Exide battery that is still under warranty, you may be able to get a replacement or repair at no cost to you. To make a claim, you will need to contact Exide customer service. You can reach Exide customer service near your location.

How To Read Exide Battery Date Codes?

The first character is a letter that refers to the month the battery was made. The letters A through L correspond to January through December. The second character is a number from zero through nine that corresponds to the year in which the battery was manufactured.

For example, the number “7” would mean the year 2017. The letter “C” would mean the month of March. When put together, “7C” means that the product was manufactured in March 2017. The numbers and letters can be switched around, so “7C” and “C7” both mean the same thing

What Brand Batteries Are Made By Exide?

Several brands of batteries are made by Exide Technologies, including Exide Excell, Exide Premium, Exide Micro-Hybrid, Exide Dual AGM, Exide Gel, and Exide HDX.

What Exide Battery Fits My Car?

To find our is the correct Exide battery for your car, you’ll need to know the make and model of your vehicle and the year it was manufactured. You can use the Exide Battery Finder tool on the Exide website to find the right battery for your vehicle. That information also you can find in your car manual.

What Is The Cost Of Exide Car Battery?

The cost of an Exide car battery depends on the type of battery you need and the retailer you purchase it from. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for an Exide car battery.

Where To Buy Exide Batteries?

You can purchase Exide batteries from various retailers, including auto parts stores, big-box stores, and online retailers. You can also purchase Exide batteries directly from the company. To find a retailer near you, use the Exide Battery Finder tool on the Exide website. You can also purchase from popular online stores like amazon Walmart, Home Depot, and more.

Who Is The Owner Of Exide Battery?

Exide Technologies’ former EMEA and Asia-Pacific business is now a separate company. On October 27, 2020, the battery manufacturer announced that the ‘closing of the deal was successful. This means that its business was transferred to a group of long-term shareholders under the US-based Energy Technologies Holdings LLC.


We hope this FAQ has been helpful in answering some of your questions about Exide batteries. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Exide customer service for assistance. Thanks for reading!

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