Interstate AGM Battery Review

If you’re hunting for a high-quality, durable AGM battery to power your vehicle, then look no further! This blog post will discuss some of the best Interstate AGM batteries available in the market today. With these top-of-the-line batteries at hand, be assured that they’ll keep your ride running smoothly and reliably – guaranteed!

Battery Types
Before purchasing an AGM battery, it’s essential to understand the different types available. AGM batteries come in three main varieties:

Wet Cell: This is the most common type of AGM battery. It’s a sealed lead-acid battery with an electrolyte liquid inside that helps to create a chemical reaction. Wet cell AGM batteries are durable and long-lasting but can be heavy and difficult to transport.

Gel Cell: This type of AGM battery is a sealed lead-acid battery with an electrolyte gel inside. The gel can be less dense than the liquid, making it easier to move around. However, gel cell batteries are less durable than wet cell batteries and may only last for a short time over time.

Dry Cell: This type of battery is a sealed lead-acid battery with a dry electrolyte. These batteries are the lightest and most compact option but have the shortest lifespan of the three types. In short, Interstate Battery is an AGM Battery.

Now that you understand the different types of AGM batteries, it’s time to choose the best one. Keep in mind your vehicle’s needs and the type of battery that’s compatible with it.

Reserve Capacity
Reserve capacity is the amount of time an AGM battery can provide power to your vehicle after being fully charged. Suppose you have a battery with a reserve capacity of 125 minutes. In that case, your car will continue to run for 125 minutes after the battery has been fully charged.

This is an essential factor to consider when choosing an AGM battery. You want to ensure that your chosen battery has enough reserve capacity to meet your needs. If you live in an area where you experience frequent power outages, getting a battery with the highest reserve capacity possible is essential. This will ensure that you have enough power to run your vehicle in the event of a blackout.

Cold-Cranking Amperage
Cold-cranking amperage is the amount of power a battery can provide when it’s cold. This is an essential factor to consider if you live in an area with cold winters.

If you need a battery that can provide enough power to start your vehicle when it’s extremely cold outside, then you’ll want to look for a battery with high cold-cranking amperage. This will ensure that your car starts every time, regardless of the weather. Interstate AGM Battery has a Cold-cranking amperage is 800.

All Interstate AGM batteries come with a free replacement warranty for 48 months. This means that if your battery fails or dies within the first 48 months after purchase, you can get a free replacement battery.

This warranty is an important factor to consider when choosing an AGM battery. It ensures you’ll get a free replacement battery if anything goes wrong with your purchase.

Terminal Location
Interstate AGM Battery has a Positive Terminal on the Right Side and a Negative Terminal on the Left Side. The positive terminal location helps you easily identify the polarity of the battery.

Item Dimensions
Interstate AGM Battery’s dimension is LxWxH 10.82 x 6.76 x 7.84 inches, and the weight of this battery is 46.6 pounds. The size of the product will help you understand whether the battery will fit in your car.

When it comes to choosing an auxiliary power source for your accessories, Interstate AGM batteries are a great option. Interstate AGM batteries come in various sizes and power ratings to meet your needs. They are reliable, long-lasting, and, most importantly, they are easy to install. This article helps you find the best Interstate AGM battery for your needs.

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