Rough Country Soft Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Installation

The Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover offers a convenient way to protect your cargo from weather elements and theft while enhancing your truck’s aesthetic and fuel efficiency.

This article provides a detailed step-by-step guide to installing the Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover seamlessly on your truck bed.

Unbox Contents
Begin by unboxing your new tonneau cover and reviewing the included components. Ensure you have all the necessary parts: the tonneau cover, clamps, and seals.

Reading through any included instructions or manuals will give a more specific overview.

Preparing the Truck Bed
Before placing the tonneau cover, clean the truck bed thoroughly, ensuring no debris will hinder the installation.

Please pay particular attention to the bulkhead (front of the bed), ensuring it’s squeaky clean for a secure seal application.

Installing the Bulkhead Seal
Apply the bulkhead seal along the width of the bed at the cab end. Ensure the surface is dry, and use glass cleaner for a thorough cleanse before adhering to the seal.

The seal provides an extra layer of protection against water and debris infiltration.

Placing the Tonneau Cover
Place the tonneau cover onto the truck bed, aligning it correctly with the bulkhead and sides of the bed.

The latching mechanism should be located near the tailgate. If it’s a tri-fold like the Rough Country’s model, ensure the folds are properly oriented.

Secure the First Section
Ensure the first section of the tonneau cover is aligned perfectly square to the truck’s bed. Climb underneath and engage the clamps on the first panel, ensuring they grab onto the metal of the truck bed (not any plastic liner that might be present).

If there is a plastic bed liner, pockets or holes may need to be cut to ensure the clamps are secure to the truck bed itself.

Securing the Whole Cover
Gradually unfold the other sections of the tonneau cover, ensuring each section aligns with the truck bed. Upon reaching the tailgate, use the clamps or latches to secure the end of the cover.

Ensure all sections are aligned, and the cover is taut to prevent any sagging or flapping during travel.

Adjusting & Tightening
Adjust the clamps as needed for a tight and secure fit. The Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover offers adjustable clamps to ensure optimal tension.

Adjust the threaded clamps to ensure a snug fit and that the cover is securely in place, providing a solid, weatherproof seal.

 Functionality Check
Once installed, perform a functionality check. Ensure that the cover folds and unfolds easily, and check the latching mechanism at the tailgate for smooth operation.

Also, ensure it provides a tight seal when closed to protect against water and dust infiltration.

Tidy Up
If your tonneau cover comes with straps or buckles (for when it’s fully open), ensure they are fastened securely when the cover is folded towards the cab. Check the entire perimeter of the installed cover to ensure no edges are peeling or unsecured.

Final Check
Conduct a final walkthrough of the installation. Ensure all clamps are tight and the cover is perfectly aligned along the truck bed. Ensure it opens, closes, and locks securely.

The Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover not only safeguards your goods but also furnishes your truck with a sleek appearance and enhanced aerodynamics.

While the installation is straightforward, ensuring each step is conducted meticulously ensures optimal functionality and longevity of your new tonneau cover. Whether you’re looking to shield your cargo from adverse weather or prying eyes, a properly installed tonneau cover will do the job.

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