Toyo AT2 Extreme vs AT2 Tire

Toyo at2 extreme and at2 are similar tires from a similar brand. Both tires are all-season and all-terrain radial tires that come to deliver powerful performance in all conditions. Since both tires are identical, the comparison between Toyo at2 extreme and at2 is worth it. Both Toyo at2 extreme and at2 are made in the USA.

Tires are part and parcel of our daily life. Good tires are necessary to enjoy a smooth and safe journey in wet, dry, wintry, and snowy conditions. These two tires are fit for pickups, vans, light trucks, SUVs, etc.

Toyo AT2 Extreme vs AT2 Table

There are lots of tires available right now from similar or different brands. All are approximately the same and stunning. So, one may get confused about buying light truck tires or SUVs. In these cases, comparing two or more tires is crucial.

Toyo AT2 Extreme

Toyo AT2

All-terrain Tire

All-terrain Tire

Tire Size 35X12.50R17LT E

Tire Size 285/75r17

Up To 50,000 Mile Warranty

65, 000 Miles Tread Wear Warranty

Polygonal Blocks And Zigzag Sipes

Perfect Fit For Avid Adventurers

Excellent Traction And Tread Life Tire

Excellent Traction And Tread Life Tire

Has Wear-resistant Tread Compound

Wear-resistant Tread Compound Extends Tread Life

It Provides Excellent Traction In Mud, Dirt, And Snow

Even Tougher Performance In Dirt, Mud Or Snow

Best for Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire a

Build for 4x4 ute, 4WD wagon or soft-roader SUV.

Why Compare?

There are lots of reasons to compare two or more things. When we buy anything, we first compare that thing with another one. A comparison is essential in the case of tires because it helps us know both tires’ pros and cons. Both Toyo at2 extreme and at2 are designed to offer powerful performance. But it doesn’t mean that they are the same. So, we need to compare them to know their features and performances.

The main difference between Toyo at2 extreme and at2 tire is that the at2 extreme is designed to offer more traction and grip on dry and wet surfaces than the at2. Another important difference between Toyo at2 extreme and at2 tire is the tread warranty period. Toyo at2 extreme comes with a 50,000 Mile Warranty, and Toyo at2 comes with 65, 000 Miles Tread Wear Warranty.

Toyo At2 Extreme Review

Toyo at2 extreme is also known as a Toyo open country AT2 extreme in the market. The durable and reliable Toyo at2 extreme tire is designed to perform exceptionally well in various conditions. It provides perfect traction on severe conditions you need with more viability and lifetime than the competition.

It is suitable for light trucks and SUVs. It is designed to perform on-road and off-road. Provides better traction and comfort in wet, dry, and light snowy conditions. They are designed to provide a smooth ride on the road and reliable traction on pebbles, rocks, and mud.

Toyo at2 Review

Toyo at2 is also an all-season and all-terrain tire that offers exceptional wet and snow traction with outstanding mileage. This innovative and versatile all-terrain tire has smooth handling, proper braking, perfect traction, and comfortable ride in on-road or off-road stability.

It offers tremendous and stunning mileage for pickups, vans, and SUVs. It comes with a 45,000 to 60,000 mileage treadwear warranty. Aggressive sidewall and block designed to provide tough looks and robust performance in dirt, sticky mud, or snow while managing a decent ride.

 Primary Difference

Both tires are primarily similar and provide almost the same performance. Toyo at2 extreme is an updated and latest version of Toyo at2. The main difference between these two tires is that the Toyo at2 extreme has slightly deeper tread blocks and elevated sidewall patterns. The extreme is usually found in their larger size.

On the other hand, Toyo AT2’S is designed with an aggressive sidewall open tread block to improve traction in all conditions, and 8T is the only option for those larger sizes.

Critical features of Toyo at2 extreme

  • A staggered block skirt combined with a hook edge design in the center blocks helps grip the mud, clay, slush, and snowy conditions to improve traction during braking, handling, and accelerating in these conditions. Also, increase off-road viability.
  • They were designed with sizeable deep tread grooves with stone ejecting blocks that improve traction on damp or rainy roads and allow digging into clay, slush, and snow.
  • The bar between blocks stabilizes tread blocks to lessen irregular wear and road noise and enhance braking and handling.
  • They are designed with multi-wave 3D Sipes that decrease the chance of block movement for better wet and dry performance with less chance of irregular wear.
  • The tapered claw edges within the tread grooves improve traction in shallow mud, snow, or slush.
  • Wide evacuation grooves help to evacuate water, dirt, sludge, and snow from the center of the tire and offer a pleasant journey.

Critical features of Toyo at2

  • Updated wear-resistant tread material gives excellent viability and increases the life of the tread.
  • Aggressive sidewall and open tread block design deliver better surface traction, handling, and braking, including wet, rainy, dry, snow, pebble, grass, clay, and sand.
  • Providing safe long-distance journeys and optimized pattern arrangements distributed at variable pitches, the tread pattern is designed to enhance traction and reduce street noise.
  • The performance of sealed road grip, puncture resistance, cutting or chipping resistance, reduced road noise, ride comfort, tread life, and fuel efficiency is top rated.

Final Verdict

The final decision to buy a tire depends on the needs and requirements of an individual. For example, if someone needs a tire for light trucks or SUVs that can be used on-road and off-road, the Toyo at2 would be a good choice. However, if someone needs a tire for pickups, vans, or SUVs that offers exceptional wet and snow traction with outstanding mileage, the Toyo at2 extreme would be a better choice.

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