Truxedo Sentry CT Review

In the universe of truck accessories, the TruXedo Sentry CT tonneau cover emerges as a beacon of style, strength, and convenience, promising to transform the look and functionality of your truck.

In this review, we delve deep into its design, construction, installation, and much more, exploring whether this tonneau cover lives up to the reputation of its creators and meets the diverse needs of truck owners.

Feature Sentry CT
Material & Finish Interlocked aluminum slats with matte black woven fabric
Design Hard roll-up, low profile
Dirt Resistance High
Security Slam latches, additional center latch
Installation No-drill, under 30 minutes with self-leveling rails
Bed Access Full
Latch Operation From either side of the bed
Quick-Release Entire cover removable in seconds without tools
Warranty 5-year, no hassle
Country of Origin Made in the USA (with globally sourced materials)
Additional Features Storage straps for secure open position, industrial-grade hook and loop fasteners

TruXedo Sentry CT

TruXedo Sentry CT offers a sleek matte finish with durable aluminum slats. Easy installation, top-notch security, and a generous 5-year warranty make it a standout choice.

Before delving into aesthetics and functionality, compatibility is a paramount concern for truck owners. The Sentry CT is versatile, fitting perfectly with specific models and bed sizes of Ford F-150 and Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra, embracing the trucks with a seamless contour.

Resilient Design
The marriage of interlocked aluminum slats and premium-grade woven matte black fabric results in a hard roll-up cover that radiates elegance while promising resilience.

The matte black finish is a stylistic touch that enhances the overall appeal, providing the truck with a sleek, blacked-out look.

Premium Material
The Sentry CT is not just about looks; the high-end woven fabric is inherently dirt-resistant, ensuring the cover remains clean and stylish for more extended periods, reducing the frequency and effort of maintenance.

Quick Installation
The no-drill installation process relieves those who dread lengthy and complicated setups. The self-leveling rails ensure a faster, more accurate installation, allowing the users to enjoy the benefits of the cover in less than 30 minutes without the need for special tools.

Secure & Functional
Functionality is at the core of the Sentry CT, with industrial-grade hook and loop fasteners sealing the cover along the bed rails and additional security latches providing extra protection. It’s designed to grant peace of mind, ensuring the cargo is safe and secure.

Convenient Access
The hard roll-up design of this cover allows users easy access to the truck bed, functioning like a soft roll-up cover. The slam latches are strategically placed to enable opening and locking from either side, enhancing user convenience.

Enhanced Security
The additional security latch located towards the center of the truck bed is a noteworthy feature, heightening the security of your cargo. This supplementary latch clearly reflects TruXedo’s commitment to providing security and protection to your belongings.

With a 5-year, no-hassle guarantee and a committed customer service team, TruXedo ensures that users have ample support. Any inquiries, replacements, or additional support are addressed promptly, reflecting the brand’s customer-centric approach.

Bed Access
The quick-release system is a thoughtful addition, allowing the entire cover to be removed in seconds without tools, providing full bed access for users who need to maximize their truck’s capacity.

Brand Reputation
The Sentry CT aligns with TruXedo’s signature low-profile design series, enhancing the aesthetic quotient of your truck with its premium matte black finish and distinctive flush mount look. It adds to the visual appeal and reinforces the brand’s reputation for delivering style with substance.

Our Observation
The TruXedo Sentry CT is a stunning blend of style and functionality, ensuring your truck bed is both secure and accessible. The matte black, woven fabric is aesthetically pleasing and practical, as it repels dirt, keeping it cleaner for longer periods.

I’m particularly impressed by the no-drill installation process and self-leveling rails, ensuring a hassle-free setup experience and allowing more time to admire the sleek, flush-mounted look it bestows upon your truck.

The additional security latch is a thoughtful touch, bringing peace of mind to those concerned about cargo safety. Overall, this tonneau cover is a solid investment for those seeking both aesthetics and practicality in vehicle accessories.

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