Truxedo Sentry vs Sentry CT

Whether you are going for a family picnic or carrying commercial cargo, protecting the truck bed is the primary concern. The invention of tonneau covers has made life easy when safeguarding the truck bed or the cargo.

Among several brands, Truxedo has built a good name in the industry with its leading lines of truck bed covers and other aftermarket accessories. This Truxedo Sentry and Truxedo Sentry CT comparison content aims to differentiate between this brand’s two leading series.

Why Compare?

The series is of premium quality, and the price range is relatively high. They have similarities in most features, yet the Truxedo Sentry is designed with more strength and durability. Despite sharing some same features, these series have dissimilarities as well.

The rest of the content will highlight the comparison of the Truxedo Sentry and Sentry CT series features. The main difference between Truxedo Sentry and Sentry CT tonneau cover is the warranty period. Truxedo Sentry CT comes with a five-year warranty, and Truxedo Sentry has a three-year warranty.


Truxedo Sentry nails the game with its build material; the aluminum slats and the leather grain vinyl material keep it higher than the Sentry CT series. The black aluminum slats are solid, and the construction is probably the sturdiest structure so far.

These slats and the vinyl fabric are pressure-bonded. The industrial strength vinyl fabric is UV resistant and also tear-proof. The overall construction makes the tonneau cover highly durable, and even after harsh use, it remains the same for years.

On the other hand, the Sentry CT comes with a matte black woven material that is strong enough to carry additional weight. The tarp is supported by powder-coated aluminum panels. The powder-coated aluminum is corrosion-resistant, thus no doubt of expiry. It will run for years in the same condition. The tarp is dirt resistant therefore no hassle of maintenance and cleaning now and then.

Exterior Design`

Truxedo Sentry looks extremely breathtaking on the trucks; the flush-mounted design complements the vehicle’s overall appearance. Again, the aluminum slats and the construction keeps the fittings so mind-blowing, and the look is worth every penny of yours. The X15 rails ensure it looks flush-mounted and does not look like any additional accessory on the truck bed.

Truxedo Sentry CT is designed in quite the same manner as the Truxedo Sentry, and it also comes with the X15 rails. These rails ensure a flush-mounted look and make it look natural on the truck bed cover. The woven material in matte black finish adds extra glamor to its appearance. Despite sharing the same design, the Sentry CT looks more appealing and sleek due to the final finish of this product. And if you are very particular about the looks of your tonneau cover, the Sentry cannot be missed.

Weather Protection

Truxedo Sentry does not incorporate any additional features for weather protection. The premium material itself can protect the cargo from any outside intrusion. It comes with latches that keep the truck bed rails and the tonneau cover tightly attached; thus, there remains no chance of water leakage.

Again, in this sector, the Truxedo Sentry CT wins the bet as the woven material is extremely good in protecting the cargo from harsh weather. The fabric is mold and stain-resistant, meaning nothing like parasites can be an issue for the cargo. Also, the material is UV protective; thus, you can carry UV ray-sensitive cargo without any safety concerns. The overall structure of this tonneau cover is also water-resistant. No water leakage is going to be experienced at all.

Fit Bed Size

Though both the series belong to the same brand yet, both come in different sizes and are suitable for various truck models. Before buying any of them, read the manufacturer’s guide well and understand the fit-bed size of the covers. The Truxedo Sentry is suitable for Fits 2015-2021 Ford F-150 5′ 7″ Bed (67.1″). The Truxedo Sentry CT is ideal for Fits the 2015 – 2021 Ford F-150 6′ 7″ Bed (78.9″).

Ease of Use

The Truxedo Sentry and the Sentry CT both have a quick-release system that eventually opens the truck bed cover within seconds. Customers have to press the switch and open the cover at once. Also, there are straps where the cover can be secure, and users can drive having complete bed access by keeping the cover open. Both these series are great if you want to carry more oversized cargo.

Lock Mechanism

Again in security, the features are the same in both these series. They both feature the tailgate lock system, which means you can lock the cover to the tailgate using an additional lock. And also, there is a security latch placed at the center of the truck bed. This latch system provides additional security to the whole system. Though both these series feature the same security features, they don’t compromise safety.


The series features the same installation procession; no drilling or tool. They can be mounted inside the truck bed and access the stake pocket for additional truck customization. The overall installation process may take less than 30 minutes.


Truxedo Sentry provides three years of warranty which is a bit less if we consider the price range. Plenty of models provide more warranty duration within a lower price point. But the Truxedo Sentry CT comes with a five-year warranty, which is excellent.

Weight and Dimension

The Sentry tonneau cover weighs 60 pounds, and its dimensions are 80x25x6 inches. The Sentry CT tonneau cover weighs 71.5 pounds, and its dimensions are 86x25x6 inches. Both the Sentry and Sentry CT tonneau covers are made in the USA.


The Sentry and Sentry CT tonneau covers are great choices if you’re looking for a durable, reliable, and weatherproof cover for your truck. Both covers are made from high-quality materials and come with a five-year warranty.

The Sentry tonneau cover is a great choice if you’re looking for a slightly lighter cover. The Sentry CT tonneau cover is a great choice if you’re looking for a cover that provides more weather protection. Both products are excellent choices, and it comes down to personal preference.

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