Duralast Gold H6 DLG

The Duralast Gold H6 DLG is a high-performance flooded lead-acid starting battery designed to deliver reliable power even in extreme conditions.

With its 3-year free replacement warranty, impact-resistant construction, and optimized paste formula, this battery aims to meet or exceed OE standards for most vehicles.

Specification Details
Part Number H6-DLG
Voltage 12VDC
Group Size 48
Battery Type Flooded lead-acid
Cold Cranking Amps 730A
Cranking Amps 910A
Reserve Capacity 130 minutes
Dimensions 10″ x 6.75″ x 7.5″
Weight 38.9 lbs
Terminal Type SAE – Type A
Warranty 3 years free replacement
MSRP $209.99

Battery Technology

The Duralast Gold H6 DLG utilizes conventional flooded lead-acid battery chemistry. This tried-and-true technology provides very high surge current capabilities necessary for starting engines.

The “flooded” design means the plates are fully submerged in liquid electrolyte. This makes maintenance easy since you can check electrolyte levels. However, flooded batteries do require periodic topping off of the electrolyte.


One of the most attractive features of the Duralast Gold line is the comprehensive 3-year free replacement warranty.

If the battery fails at any point during the first three years, you can return it to AutoZone for a free replacement. This provides excellent protection against early failure.

Group Size

This battery has a group size of 48, which is a very common size used in various sedan and SUV applications. It will directly replace the factory battery in many Chrysler, Ford, GM, and Toyota vehicles. The group size 48 form factor ensures an easy fitment with a proper terminal layout.

Cold Cranking Amps

An important metric for starting batteries is cold cranking amps (CCA). This measures how much current the battery can supply to the starter motor at 0°F.

The Duralast Gold H6 DLG is rated for 730 CCA, exceeding the original specs for many vehicles. This ample starting power ensures robust and reliable cranking even in cold weather.

Cranking Amps

In more moderate conditions, the battery is rated to deliver 910 cranking amps at 32°F. This high current output will turn over large V8 or diesel engines with ease. The battery can sustain these very high discharge rates for short durations.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity estimates how long the battery can maintain critical electrical loads if the charging system fails. For the Duralast Gold H6 DLG, this reserve time is 130 minutes.

This large buffer will keep your lights, ignition, and other electronics powered for over 2 hours in an emergency situation.


With an MSRP of $209.99, the Duralast Gold does sit at the higher end of the price range for aftermarket replacement batteries.

However, given the proven reliability and generous replacement warranty, the added cost may be justified for buyers looking for maximum peace of mind.

Terminal Location

The Duralast Gold H6 DLG uses a reversed terminal layout with a positive post on the right and negative post on the left (facing the battery). This is the standard arrangement for most General Motors and some Chrysler vehicles.

The side terminal design may not be compatible with all Asian or European vehicles, so double-check fitment before purchasing.


This battery measures 10″ long x 6.75″ wide x 7.5″ tall. It is a fairly large battery in terms of physical size. The added plate surface area contributes to the high power and capacity ratings. But the larger case may not fit smaller battery trays. Measure your current battery first.


At a hefty 38.9 pounds, the Duralast Gold H6 DLG is a substantial battery. The rugged impact-resistant polypropylene case and ample lead plates give it some serious heft.

The weight indicates overall quality and construction. Lighter generic batteries often don’t last as long.


This is a 12-volt battery, as is standard for most passenger vehicle applications. The 12V rating ensures proper compatibility with your vehicle’s charging system and electrical accessories.

Additional Features

Some other noteworthy features of this battery include the fortified vent caps that improve safety, an optimized paste formula to extend service life, and an impact-resistant case to handle road vibrations.

Our Observation
The Duralast Gold H6 DLG boasts excellent cold cranking and cranking amps, ensuring strong starts even in harsh weather. A sizable reserve capacity provides peace of mind.

The 3-year warranty is highly generous, speaking to the battery’s durability. At nearly 40lbs with a rugged case, this is a heavy-duty, vibration-resistant battery built to last. However, the side terminals may not fit all vehicles.

While pricey, the premium quality could justify the cost for buyers wanting maximum reliability. Overall, the Duralast Gold H6 DLG combines robust construction and ample power output to deliver unwavering performance.

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