Duralast Platinum H8 AGM Battery

The Duralast Platinum H8 AGM battery is a high-performance absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery designed to deliver maximum power, durability, and flexibility for vehicles with multiple electrical accessories.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the key features and specifications of the Duralast Platinum H8 to see how it stacks up for your vehicle.

Specification Details
Battery Technology Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
Warranty 3 Year Free Replacement
Group Size 49
Cold Cranking Amps 900A
Cranking Amperage 1000A
Reserve Capacity 160 minutes
Voltage 12V DC
Terminal Type SAE – Type A
Negative Terminal Location Top Left Front
Dimensions 13.94 in. x 6.94 in x 7.5 in.
Type Starting
Weight 59 lbs
Positive Terminal Location Top Right Front
Price $249.99

Battery Technology

The Duralast Platinum H8 utilizes absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery technology. AGM batteries are valve-regulated lead acid batteries that use a fiberglass mat separator between the battery plates to absorb and immobilize the electrolyte fluid.

 This allows the battery to be sealed and makes it spill-proof and leak-proof. AGM batteries have several advantages over traditional flooded lead acid batteries:

  • Longer cycle life – can be cycled over twice as many times as a conventional battery
  • Faster recharging – can recharge in half the time of conventional batteries
  • Improved vibration resistance – the immobilized electrolyte allows it to handle vibrations better
  • Low internal resistance – provides very high cranking current for strong starts
  • Operates well in cold weather – can be charged at below-freezing temperatures

The AGM design gives the Duralast Platinum H8 durability, quick recharging, and excellent starting power.


The Duralast Platinum H8 comes with a 3-year free replacement warranty. This covers the battery for three years from the date of purchase.

If the battery fails during that time, you can get a free replacement battery at any AutoZone store. Very few automotive batteries come with a warranty this long.

The 3-year coverage provides excellent peace of mind that you get a high-quality and durable AGM battery.

Group Size

This battery has a BCI group size of 49. The group size refers to the dimensions of the battery and its terminal configuration. Group size 49 batteries have terminal posts on the right and left side and measure about 6.94 inches wide x 6.77 inches high x 13.94 inches long.

The H8 will fit well in most full-size pickup trucks, SUVs, and large cars with a group 49 battery. Just double-check your vehicle’s factory battery specifications to ensure compatibility.

Cold Cranking Amps

An important specification for any starting battery is its cold cranking amps (CCA) rating. The Duralast Platinum H8 has a CCA of 900 amps. This means it can deliver 900 amps of power for 30 seconds at 0°F while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts.

The high CCA gives tremendous starting power even in freezing weather. It ensures your engine will turn over quickly and reliably on frigid winter mornings.

Cranking Amperage

In addition to cold cranking amps, this battery also has a cranking amp (CA) rating of 1000 amps. This measures its starting power at 32°F. The ample cranking power makes it an excellent choice for trucks or vehicles with big V8 or diesel engines.

Reserve Capacity

The Duralast Platinum H8 AGM battery provides a reserve capacity of 160 minutes. This indicates how long the battery can deliver 25 amps of current before dropping below 10.5 volts.

The high 160-minute rating gives you plenty of reserve power for running additional electronics like lights, audio systems, power seats, and other accessories when the engine is off. It’s an excellent benefit for a battery powering vehicle with lots of power-hungry electronics.


This premium AGM battery is priced at $249.99. That puts it at the higher end of the price range for an automotive battery, but its outstanding 3-year warranty, high-performance specs, and proven Duralast brand make it well worth the investment.

When you consider you’re getting 900 cold-cranking amps along with leak-proof AGM technology in a battery-backed by a full 3-year replacement warranty, the price is very reasonable.

Terminal Location

The Duralast Platinum H8 uses a standard top terminal post configuration, with the positive post on the right front and the negative post on the left front. Both posts are located on top of the battery for easy access.

This standard OEM-style layout makes the battery quick and convenient to install in various vehicles. SAE terminal type ensures universal compatibility.


With dimensions of 6.94 inches wide x 7.5 inches high x 13.94 inches long, the H8 is sized appropriately for a BCI group 49 battery. The dimensions are similar to OEM batteries of the same group size.

Just confirm ample clearance in your particular vehicle battery compartment. At 59 pounds, it is fairly heavy, so that assistance may be needed for lifting and installation.


At 59 pounds, the H8 weighs about average for a lead acid battery of its physical size and capacity. The absorbed glass mat material accounts for a bit of additional weight compared to a traditional flooded battery.

The rugged polypropylene case helps keep overall weight reasonable while still providing protection and rigidity. The weight should not be an issue for most full-size vehicle battery compartments.


This is a standard 12-volt automotive starter battery. The 12-volt rating works for most passenger vehicles and light trucks today.

It will directly replace any existing 12-volt battery without issues. Just make sure your vehicle does not require anything other than a 12-volt battery before purchase.

Additional Features

Some other noteworthy features of the Duralast Platinum H8 AGM battery include:

  • Certified non-spillable – no risk of dangerous acid spills
  • Calcium-alloy grids – improved performance and longevity
  • Pressure venting valves – release excess pressure safely
  • Robust intercell connections – maximize current flow

Our Observation
The Duralast Platinum H8 AGM battery offers superior performance and durability. With 900 cold cranking amps and 160 minutes reserve capacity, it provides strong starting power even in cold weather.

The absorbed glass mat technology makes it spill-proof and vibration-resistant. With 2X the cycle life of conventional batteries, it recharges faster and lasts longer.

We recommend the Duralast Platinum H8 AGM battery for its combination of power, durability, and flexibility to handle high electrical demands. Its 3-year warranty also provides peace of mind.

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