Everstart Maxx vs Duralast Battery

Everstart and Duralast both belong to the cult favorite automotive battery manufacturers and have been equally accepted by consumers. Despite being similarly famous, these brands feature some differences in the basic features; CCA, Reserve Capacity, performance, dimension, weight, etc. Before investing, a buyer must know the exact differences.

Everstart Maxx vs Duralast Table

This comparison table will help buyers better understand the differences between Duralast and Everstart Maxx batteries.



Model is Everstart Maxx 51R

Model is Duralast 27-DLG

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Dimension is 9.30 X 5.05 X 8.85 Inches

Dimension is 12.0625 X 6.8125 X8.875 Inches

Battery Group Size 51R

Battery Group Size 27

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

36 Months Free Replacement Warranty

36 Months Free Replacement Warranty

Has A Reserve Capacity Of 140 Minutes

Provides 120 Minutes Of Reserve Capacity

Negative Terminal Location Top Left And Positive Terminal Location Top Right

Negative Terminal Location Top Left And Positive Terminal Location Top Right

Comes With 840 Cold-cranking Amperage

Features 775 Cold-cranking Amperages

Weight Is Around 27.9 lb

Weight Is Around 48.57 lbs

Excellent For Demanding Applications And High Electrical Needs

Impact Resistant Construction Minimizes Damage From Vibration

Battery Types
The Everstart Maxx 51R battery is a typical lead-acid battery which means the fuel component is led peroxide (PbO2), dilute sulfuric acid (H2SO4), and sponge led (Pb). This type of battery is designed to work for a dual purpose; to start an engine and provide power to the system.

It has high current and surge capacity and thus excels in starting an internal combustion engine. These engines cost less while manufacturing; therefore are highly affordable. Duralast 27-DLG is also a lead-acid battery. It has an impact-resistant polypropylene exterior framework to prevent vibration and external forces.

This framework restrains any vibration and further battery damage. A venting system is available to protect the battery from leakage and corrosion. A fully-framed stamped grid helps run the battery longer than its contemporaries by optimizing the electrical flow.

Reserve Capacity
Everstart Maxx 51R battery features 85 minutes of reserve capacity; it can sustain 25A voltage for 85 minutes at a stretch. For automotive batteries, the higher the reserve capacity, the better the power outcome. Though this battery does not excel in the reserve considering the other models yet, the reserve capacity is quite commendable according to the price point. Users who do not need extreme power outcomes or engine support can opt for this model.

Duralast 27-DLG is mind-blowing considering the reserve capacity; it features 165 minutes reserve capacity, which means it can support the engine for almost 165 minutes, which is better than most high-end models in the present market. The standard RC for any automotive battery is 140 to 150 minutes, whereas it has a whopping 165 minutes reserve capacity. This battery is sure a real deal when it comes to long time backup.

Cold-Cranking Amperage
The Everstart Maxx 51R features 500 Cold-cranking amperage, which means in 0F temperature, users will get 500 CCA. Cold-cranking amperage is a well-known measure of engine starting reliability under extreme weather conditions. The higher the CCA number, the better start is expected for the engine. 500 CCA is probably not the highest, but this is quite good if we consider the price point.

Duralast 27-DLG, on the other hand, offers 810 CCA, which is amazing and way higher than the standard models. With this battery, your engine will receive 850 CCA under the weather condition of 0F. As CCA is a measurement for the start reliability of a battery in extreme cold weather conditions, a higher number of CCA is better. As this model features a commendable high number, this one would perform exceptionally well in cold weather.

These models feature a 12V power supply, a standard measure for hassle-free starting and power supply. 12V is enough to provide power to the alternator and protect the sensor.

Group Size
Everstart Maxx 51R battery belongs to the BCI 51R group; batteries of this group are used both for starting and dual purposes. It is sometimes used for general purposes in different systems for reliable and stable power supply. In 51R, the R means “reverse” in this battery, and the position of the positive terminal is reversed.

Some manufacturers keep this battery small to fit into the target models like Toyota Prius and Mazda Miata. As a result of the cold cranking amperage, the reserve capacity also lessens. As it is designed for particular engines, this battery works just fine.

Duralast 27-DLG belongs to the BCI 27 group size. 27 is one of the most popular and widely used group sizes in the battery business. This battery is used basically in automotive, marine, RVs, and off-the-grid. Group 27 batteries are usually very robust and offer 20h capacity in the 66-110 Ah range with a high range of CCA and RC. Also, it features a more significant number of discharging/ charging cycles than its competitors.

Though there are many dissimilarities between these two models, considering the durability and performance longevity, both batteries offer the same claim. Both Everstart Maxx 51R and Duralast 27-DLG offer three years of free replacement warranty. Users can replace the product within three years if any problem occurs.

Everstart 51R is 9.30 x 5.05 x 8.85 Inches; as the dimension of this product is relatively small thus, the performance is also minimized. It has lower cold-cranking amperage and reserve capacity due to its small size. But it is designed for particular engines, and the measurement is suitable for them.

Duralast 27-DLG is 12.0625in x 6.8125in x8.875in; as this model is more prominent, the cold cranking amperage, reserve capacity, and overall performance are better. As for lead-acid batteries, extra dimension means extra fuel fluid availability; thus, bigger batteries provide more power.

Terminal Location
The Everstart 51R battery belongs to the 51R group, which means the positive terminal is positioned reversely. Thus this top post battery has a positive terminal on the right side and a negative terminal on the left side.

Duralast 27-DLG is just the opposite; the positive terminal is on the top left front, and the negative terminal is on the top right front of the battery.

As the Everstart Maxx 51R battery is small in dimension, it also weighs less; 27.9 lb. is the exact weight of this battery. Duralast 27-DLG is heavier as it weighs 48.57 lbs. Though it is more severe than the Everstart model, the weight does not bother you while installing or using the battery.

The main difference between Everstart Maxx and Duralast is in the Reserve capacity. Everstart Maxx 51R has a reserve capacity of 85 minutes, and Duralast 27-DLG has a reserve capacity of 165 minutes. Both battery models, Everstart Maxx 51R and Duralast 27-DLG are suitable for automotive, marine, RVs, and off-the-grid applications. They offer a plentiful power supply with a high range of CCA and RC. Also, they feature a more significant number of discharging/ charging cycles than their competitors.

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