Everstart vs Duralast Battery

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the electrifying world of automotive batteries, exploring two prominent contenders in the market: EverStart and Duralast.

Unveiling their secrets layer by layer, we will dissect their features, scrutinizing their capabilities and uncovering which might triumph as the optimal choice for fueling your vehicle’s energetic needs.

Everstart vs Duralast

EverStart Duralast
Price: $179.84 Price: $249.99
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 760 Cold Cranking Amperage: 760A
Amp Hour (Ah): 70Ah Amp Hour (Capacity): 70Ah
Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes Reserve Capacity: 130 minutes
Warranty: 4-year free replacement Warranty: 3-Year with free replacement
Weight: 45.42 lb Weight: 46.9 lbs
Designed for High Electrical Needs Optimized for Multiple Electronics
Extended lifespan Up to 2 times the cycle life
Free battery testing & installation High-Performance Design

Battery Types

The Duralast Platinum AGM Battery employs Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology and is specifically crafted for starting purposes, ensuring your vehicle kicks into gear without a hitch.

On the flip side, the EverStart Platinum AGM Automotive Battery also utilizes AGM technology. Still, it is versatile enough to handle both starting and deep cycling, making it a flexible companion for your adventures on the road.

Reserve Capacity

Diving into the reserve capacity, Duralast takes a slight edge with a hearty 130 minutes, ensuring your vehicle remains powered even during those pesky idle moments.

EverStart, while slightly behind, offers a commendable 120 minutes, providing a reliable cushion to keep those electrical components humming smoothly.

Amp Hour (Ah)

Equally matched in the power storage department, both the Duralast and EverStart batteries proudly offer a 70Ah capacity, promising a steadfast reservoir of power to meet your vehicle’s varying demands, from the igniting start to powering your auxiliary gadgets.

Cold Cranking Amperage

Both contenders lock horns with a potent 760A Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA), assuring reliable starts even on those chilly winter mornings giving you the confidence to venture into colder terrains without dreading a sluggish start.

Voltage and Group Size

A standard voltage of 12VDC is maintained by both batteries, ensuring universal compatibility with a myriad of vehicles. Furthermore, they adhere to the BCI Group Size 48 (or H6), making them a suitable fit for vehicles that require this specific battery size.

Price Point

Duralast comes in with a slightly heavier tag of $249.99, while EverStart proposes a friendlier pocket pinch at $179.84, establishing a clear distinction for budget-conscious buyers.


A crucial aspect for many, Duralast offers a robust 3-year warranty. In contrast, EverStart inches ahead with a generous 4-year warranty, providing that additional peace of mind for an extended period.


Both batteries mirror each other closely in dimensions, standing firm at approximately 11.0 x 6.94 x 7.5 inches. However, a notable difference lies in positioning their positive terminals; it’s situated at the top right for Duralast and switches to the top left for EverStart.


Regarding weight, EverStart takes a lighter stance at 45.42 lbs, with Duralast bringing a tad more heft at 46.9 lbs.

Key Feature

While both batteries bring their unique charm to the table, Duralast boasts enhanced recharging and exceptional resistance to internal corrosion from heat.

On the contrary, EverStart shines with its prolonged lifespan, extended warranty, and noticeably more affordable price point.

Navigating through the electrifying specifics, both Duralast and EverStart Platinum AGM batteries showcase substantial prowess in powering your vehicle.

Your choice may veer towards Duralast’s superior reserve capacity and enhanced heat resistance or toward EverStart for its extended warranty and budget-friendliness.

Each battery offers unique merits, and your ultimate choice will hinge upon your vehicle’s specific needs, usage, and budget. May your journeys be powered with unrelenting energy and assurance with whichever option you choose.

This detailed comparison aims to light the path in your quest for the ideal battery, ensuring your journeys, short or far, are always empowered with steadfast and reliable energy.

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