Everstart Maxx 35S vs 35N Battery

Ever since the start of the brand, Everstart has been on the rise due to its numerous model options for the customers. This brand has batteries of almost all the group sizes and sometimes has variants within the same group size. And this content aims the comparison between two types of batteries within the same group size.

Usually, batteries that belong to the same group size come with the same fundamental features, making the customers even more confused. Thus we have picked the Everstart Maxx 35S and 35N comparison to enlighten the customers about the differences between these two models under the same group size.

Everstart Maxx 35S vs 35N Table

Everstart 35S

Everstart 35N

Model is Everstart Maxx 35S

Model is Everstart Maxx 35N

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Dimension is 9.30 X 5.05 X 8.85 Inches

Dimension is 9.60 X 6.90 X 9.11 Inches

Battery Group Size 35 BCI

Battery Group Size 35 BCI

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

3 Year Free Replacement Warranty

36 Months Free Replacement Warranty

Has A Reserve Capacity Of 100 Minutes

Provides 95 Minutes Of Reserve Capacity

Negative Terminal Location Top Left And Positive Terminal Location Top Right

Negative Terminal Location Top Left And Positive Terminal Location Top Right

Comes With 550 Cold-cranking Amperage

Features 640 Cold-cranking Amperages

Weight Is Around 38.2 lbs

Weight Is Around 38.2 lbs

Durable And Reliable Battery Option For A Wide Variety Of Consumer Vehicles

Maintenance Free And Never Need To Add Acid

Battery Types

Considering the battery types, they both belong to the lead-acid group. Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of battery in the industry, and the technology is well arranged. This leads to an organized and constant performance output. This type of battery is structured with outer casting that contains battery acid.

The terminal signifies the positive and negative plates in the electrolyte. However, these batteries cannot perform the heaviest tasks but are capable of covering most of the usual stuff with utter excellence. Also, the most significant part is they cost surprisingly less considering any random batteries.

Reserve Capacity

The Everstart Maxx 35S battery comes with 100 minutes of reserve capacity which means this battery can provide backup power for almost 100 minutes when the alternator fails to perform or when the engine is not working. Also, higher reserve power is better for the overall performance output of the vehicle.

The 35N on the other hand comes with 95 minutes of reserve capacity which ultimately means 95 minutes of power supply to the engine and the sensors at a stretch. Higher reserve capacity refers to higher performance excellence. The 35S still gets the edge benefit due to the slight difference in a reserve capacity.

Cold Cranking Amperage

The 35S battery comes with 550 amps of cold cranking amperage; while starting the engine at 0F, this battery will provide 550 amps of power to the engine and prevent any hard start. The 35N battery offers 640 amps of power at 0F temperature to start the engine. As the higher cold cranking amperage refers to a more leisurely start under extreme weather situations, the 35N is quite a hit for the coldest weather.


Both the batteries feature 12v voltage, the exact standard voltage for any mid-level battery. 12v can handle vehicles, the combustion engine, and even sensors. These batteries won’t give any hard start to the engine, and the overall performance will be hampered. Instead, there would be a perfect performance efficiency with this voltage range.

Group Size

Again, both batteries belong to the same 35 BCI group size. Among all the battery groups, 35 is the most used battery group. Due to its universal dimension, this group of batteries fits different vehicles. These batteries are used for cars, RVs, trucks, etc. They can be used for both starting and dual purposes.

The 35S is a deep cycle battery between these two models and is used for wheelchairs, security machines, and systems. They also feature a 20h capacity in the 44-65 Ah power range. Though there is a debate regarding this fact, the S and N refer to south and north.

The 35S battery is manufactured to match the climate of the southern part of the world. And the 35N battery is built to perform in the northern part of the world. These particular indicators from the manufacturer help customers determine the best-suited battery as per their location.


These two models feature three years of replacement warranty and a pro-rated replacement warranty in the same group size. The brand seems extremely confident with its durability, thus offering a solid warranty considering the price point.


Again, the same dimension is featured in both models. The approximate measurement of both these models is 9.60 x 6.90 x 9.11 Inches. This refers to medium-sized batteries and does not require much effort while carrying. The medium size is again perfect for easy installation and is ideal to fit a vast range of vehicles.

Item dimension is also essential in lead-acid batteries as a more significant size means more electrolyte presence. This eventually means more sources of power and performance brilliance. Though this is not scientifically proven yet, there is also a possibility. Thus these medium-sized batteries work perfectly fine for average and above-average performance expectations.

Terminal Location

Both are top post batteries, meaning the terminal is placed on top of the battery for easy connectivity. The positive terminal is situated at the right of the battery. The negative terminal is placed on the left top side of the battery.


The weight of the 35S battery is not available, but the 35N weighs 38.2 lbs. As they both are from the same group, they weigh very close. Thus the 35S anyhow weighs around 38 to 40 lbs. Considering the weight, this product is straightforward and comfortable to carry.


The main difference between Everstart Maxx 35S and 35N Battery is in the Reserve Capacity. Everstart Maxx 35S has 100 minutes of reserve capacity, and Everstart Maxx 35N has 95 minutes of Reserve Capacity. The Optima Batteries 35S and the 35N are top-notch car batteries that come from the same group size. They have the same voltage, dimensions, and weight.

The primary difference between these two batteries is their battery type. The 35S is a deep cycle battery, and the 35N is a standard battery. The 35S is manufactured for the Southern climate, and the 35N is for the Northern climate. If you’re looking for a battery that’s easy to carry and install, Optima Batteries 35S and the 35N are great options. Thanks for reading

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