Everstart vs Interstate Battery

For your vehicle to perform optimally, it is essential to equip it with a reliable car battery. We have selected two of the most dependable brands in the industry: Everstart Maxx and Interstate MTX. Both lines are top-notch options that ensure optimal performance every time you hit the road!

Everstart vs Interstate Table



Model is MTZ 65

Model is platinum AGM-65

Weight is around 49.8 lbs

Weight is around 45 lbs

Dimension is 11.70 x 7.15 x 7.4 inch

Dimension is 9.90 x 7.10 x 7.60 inch

Battery Group Size Designation is 65

Battery Group Size Designation is 65

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

2 Years Replacement Warranty

1 Years Replacement Warranty

Reserve Capacity is 130 Minutes

Reserve Capacity is 100 Minutes

Positive Terminal are flexible anywhere mount

Positive Terminal in the top post

770 Cold Cranking Amps

750 Cold Cranking Amps

Premium Vent Caps Available

Premium Vent Caps Available

Battery Types
The main difference between Everstart Maxx and Interstate is in the battery type. Interstate MTX-95R/H9 is an AGM-type battery with more advanced technology than Start Maxx 27 series, built in a lead-acid structure.

All the Everstart Maxx models are designed in a lead-acid structure, and this model is no exception. It is also a lead-acid battery which means the price point is budget-friendly due to the lower manufacturing cost.

Sponge lead, dilute sulphuric acid, and lead peroxide is the main components to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This battery has five structural parts: container, plates, active material, separators, and battery terminals. Lead-acid batteries are straightforward to charge and great at being recycled.

Interstate MTX-95R/H9, on the other hand, belongs to the latest technology of AGM-type batteries. This battery is more accessible language is a sealed lead-acid battery that uses electrolytes in a suspense form instead of liquid form. AGM batteries are well known for their protection against external vibrations.

It can be a bit pricier, but the performance outcome is worth the extra money. It does not require much maintenance and also prevents any leakage. Moreover, this battery being an AGM model, can be adjusted virtually in any position. It suits a wide range of cars and other vehicle models.

Reserve Capacity
Everstart Maxx 27 features a pretty reserve capacity of 100 to 110 which eventually means this battery can provide 25 amps of energy to the engine, at least 10.5 volts, until the voltage decreases. Reserve capacity is significant when the alternators fail and the engine needs additional support.

Thus the higher the number, the better. Consumers must know the battery’s reserve capacity to know precisely how long the battery will be able to provide backup. This eventually prevents overrunning of the car engine. Interstate MTX-95R/H9 knocks off all the contemporary models with 190 minutes of reserve capacity, which can be considered one of the highest reserve capacities in the market right now.

The alternator provides power to the car’s electrical components (sensor, lights, and other parts). The engine needs additional support if the alternator fails to provide the necessary strength. The reserve capacity of a battery comes as a rescue in such situations.

Cold-Cranking Amperage
Another crucial parameter to determine the quality of a battery is the cold cranking amperage which determines how easily the battery will get started under extreme weather. The Everstart Maxx comes with 810 amps of cold cranking amperage.

At 0F temperature, this battery will provide 810 amps of cold-cranking power to the vehicle for 30 seconds. We all know how difficult it becomes to start the engine at a cold temperature. The higher the cold cranking amperage the battery will have, the easier starting will be experienced.

Interstate MTX-95R/H9 excels in cold cranking amperage as well. It provides 950 amps of cold cranking amperage to the system for 30 seconds. The vehicle will be magnificently smooth to start, no matter how difficult the temperature is. This particular model is all you have searched for in people living in the colder part of the world.


Both the batteries feature a standard voltage of 12V, which can provide enough support to run the car’s electrical parts.

Group Size
Everstart Maxx 27 belongs to BCI group 27; these batteries are large-sized batteries widely used in marine, automotive, RVs, and off-grid. It offers almost 20h capacity in the 66-110 Ah range and 600-1000 CCA. There are several sub-groups under the group size. All the subgroups are similar and mainly different in dimension and weight.

Interstate MTX-95R/H9 belongs to the BCI group 95. This is a sub-group of group size 95. It is different from the other sub-group models in the terminal position. The R beside the group size signifies the reversed terminal position of the battery.

Both the batteries feature three years of replacement warranty. Suppose consumers face any problem or disturbance while using this battery within the purchase period of 36 months or three years. In that case, they can claim a replacement from the seller.

Customers must be aware of the exact dimension of the battery to determine whether it will suit their vehicle. To determine the dimensions of the batteries, it is advised the customers check the manufacturer’s guide. Evertstart Maxx 27 is 12.65 x 6.90 x 8.94 Inches and Interstate MTX-95R/H9 is 15.56 x 6.68 x 7.5 inches.

Terminal Location
Everstart Maxx 27 placed the positive terminal location on the top left corner and the negative terminal location on the top right corner. Interstate MTX-95R/H9 being reversed in terminal locations has the positive terminal on the right side of the battery top and the negative terminal on the left side.

The weight is very important as it sometimes determines how much fluid the battery has in lead-acid or AGM batteries. The heavier the battery is, the more fluid it will contain. Everstart Maxx 27 weighs 49 lb, and Interstate MTX-95R/H9 weighs 64.5.

Our Observation
Though both the batteries are currently quite on-trend yet, as per our thorough comparison, the Interstate MTX-95R/H9 is better than the Everstart Maxx 27. Interstate MTX-95R/H9 has more CCA and RC, making this model unbeatable.

Yet, the Everstart Maxx is way cheaper, serves all the average needs, and is extremely good considering the price point. Thus it solely depends on the customer’s requirements; they may choose any of these per their needs.

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