TruXedo Sentry CT Installation Guide

Truck enthusiasts and professionals alike often seek robust and durable bed covers to safeguard their cargo. The TruXedo Sentry CT, known for its hard roll-up style and enhanced security features, ranks among the top choices for many.

Offering a sleek design coupled with a woven matte black fabric, this truck bed cover promises both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Let’s dive into a detailed step-by-step guide to install the TruXedo Sentry CT on your truck efficiently.

Preparing the Bulkhead

  • For Spray-In Liners: Scuff up the surface where the bulkhead seal will attach using sandpaper.
  • Clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol and, if applicable, apply an adhesion promoter.
  • Affix the bulkhead seal, ensuring the flap faces the inside of the truck, and apply pressure as you move along to ensure secure adhesion.
  • Trim off any excess seal material using a knife or scissors.

Positioning the Side Rails

  • Identify the passenger side rail, ensuring the hook fastener is at the top, and the foam side faces the bed cap.
  • Position the rail alongside the bed cap, using squeeze clamps to hold it in place temporarily.
  • Ensure the foam pieces on the rail are compressed about 50% on both the tailgate and bulkhead sides to ascertain correct positioning.

Securing the Side Rails

  • Attach the rail securely using clamps, ensuring the bolt head faces outward for easy adjustment.
  • Attach the first clamp as close to the bulkhead as possible, aligning the grooves in the rail with the teeth in the clamp, and tighten using a 1/2″ ratcheting wrench.
  • Install the middle and rear clamps similarly, ensuring even distribution along the rail.
  • Repeat this process for the opposite side.

Attaching the Cover

  • Place the cover assembly on the rails towards the bulkhead, ensuring alignment.
  • Identify and align the pins on the bulkhead piece of the cover with the respective holes in the rails.
  • Flip the cover over, securing the pins in place, and slide the locking mechanism under the rail to lock the cover in position. Perform this action on both sides.

Rolling Out the Cover

  • Gently unroll the cover toward the tailgate, ensuring it smoothly glides along the side rails.
  • Check alignment and adjust as necessary to ensure an even and snug fit.
  • Once fully unrolled, push down on the end of the cover to latch it securely on both sides.
  • Ensure the hook and loop fasteners along the side rails are securely fastened.

Final Adjustments and Check

  • Open and close the tailgate to confirm there is no obstruction and the cover operates smoothly.
  • Check and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the cover aligns perfectly with the truck bed and tailgate.
  • Ensure that all clamps and fasteners are securely tightened to prevent movement during transit.
  • Roll and unroll the cover a few times, securing it with the straps in the open position to ensure everything operates seamlessly.

Concluding Thoughts
Installing the TruXedo Sentry CT provides a safeguard for your truck’s cargo and a stylish, sleek appearance to your vehicle. Ensuring a precise and secure installation is paramount to enjoying all the benefits this top-tier truck bed cover has to offer.

Following this detailed guide, users should feel empowered to undertake the installation themselves, ensuring each step is performed meticulously.

For additional assistance or inquiries, consider reaching out to TruXedo directly or exploring their website for more detailed information and support.

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