Everstart Plus vs Maxx Battery

Everstart has been in the automotive battery industry for decades; it has launched different batteries to fit every customer requirement. The Everstart Plus and Maxx series are some of the best additions by the brand. Whereas the Plus series is well known for its universal design to fit into a wide range of vehicles, the Maxx series apart from being universal, is also extremely budget-friendly.

Everstart Plus vs Maxx Table

Both the series have some similarities and differences in their features. So we have created this Everstart Plus and Maxx comparison table.

Everstart Maxx


Model is Everstart Maxx

Model is Everstart Plus

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Lead Acid Automotive Battery

Dimension is 10.90 x 6.85 x 9.45 Inches

Dimension is 7.20 X 6.40 X 9.04 Inches

Battery Group Size 26

Battery Group Size 35

Battery Voltage is 12

Battery Voltage is 12

3 Year Free Replacement Warranty

24 month Free Replacement Warranty

130 Minutes of Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity of 100 Minute

Positive Terminal On The Right Side At The Top Of The Battery

Positive Terminal On The Left Side And A Negative Terminal On The Right Side

Delivers 750 Cold Cranking Amps

525 Cold-cranking Amperage

Weight Is Around 50.9 Lbs

Weight Is Around 39.2 lbs

Can Be Fits In Various Makes, Models And Years

Provide Excellent Starting Power

Battery Types

Everstart uses different technologies for its batteries; these two models belong to a Lead acid type of battery. Lead-acid technology is an age-old technology and thus is extremely mature and reliable. This technology uses lead peroxide, sponge lead, and dilute sulphuric acid to convert chemical energy into electrical power.

Dilute sulphuric acid is the fluid that keeps the system activated. A basic lead-acid battery comes with the following parts; plates, battery terminals, separators, active materials, and containers. However, lead-acid batteries do not supply extreme power. Still, they can provide enough power to run average automotive vehicles and marines.

These batteries can easily be recycled, and the manufacturing cost is surprisingly low. Lead-acid batteries are built with a limited depth of discharge to maintain the consistency of their performance. Within 80% of the discharge, a standard battery has almost 1500 cycles. One of the prominent perks of this battery is the fast charging quality, and it charges extremely fast.

Reserve Capacity

The main difference between Everstart Plus and Maxx Battery is in the Reserve Capacity. Everstart Plus 35S has 130 minutes of reserve capacity, and Everstart Maxx 35N has 95 minutes of Reserve Capacity. The Everstart plus 35 battery comes with almost 100 to 130 minutes of reserve capacity. This means this battery can provide 25 amps of power for almost 100 to 130 minutes until the voltage drops to 10.5 volts. The higher the reserve capacity is, the better the battery quality will be.

As per the standards, 100 to 130 minutes of reserve capacity is way more than the basic requirements. Thus this battery can provide 25 amps of power if the alternator fails to work properly or when the battery is not on charge. Reserve capacity is crucial to maintaining the engine’s overall condition. If the customers are well aware of the battery’s reserve capacity, they will refrain from overrunning the engine.

On the other hand, The Everstart Maxx 26R has a 75 to 90 reserve capacity, which means this battery will constantly give back up to the engine for 75 to 90 minutes until it gets discharged. The alternator provides power for the lights, wipers, sensors, and other car facts.

If it fails anyhow, the reserve capacity of a battery determines how long it can provide backup to the engine. Usually, the Maxx 26R battery can run for 75 to 90 minutes providing 25 amps of power until the voltage drops to 10.5 v. Again, the reserve capacity is a perfect parameter to measure the quality of the battery.

Cold-Cranking Amperage

The Everstart Plus 35 Battery features 525 cold-cranking amps. This battery can provide a starting power of 525 amps power for 30 seconds at 0F temperature. Cold-cranking amperage is directly related to the weather condition.

In the cold weather, starting the car engine often needs extra power, and cold-cranking amperage provides the extra power to the engine. The starting performance of an engine under extreme weather conditions is proportional to the cold cranking amperage number; the higher it is, the better it is.

The Everstart Maxx 26R comes with 540 cold-cranking amperage, which means it can provide the starting power of 540 amps for 30 seconds under 0F temperature. As the cold cranking amperage of the Maxx series model is higher than the Plus series, it can be presumed that the Maxx 26R model will be more beneficial for the users to start the vehicle under extreme temperatures.

Again cold-cranking amperage is not always related to the temperature only. Users must look for a suitable cold-cranking amperage for their car. To determine the required cold cranking amperage for a vehicle, do not forget to check the manufacturer’s guide.


Voltage for any battery is crucial as it decides how well the battery will perform and how much power it may supply to the system. 12v voltage is a universal standard voltage that makes the operation smooth and easy.

It can handle combustion engines and the other parts as well. It prevents any hard start of the engine. Still, customers are advised to read the manufacturer’s guide first to determine the needed voltage in the battery.

Group Size

The Everstart plus 35 belongs to the BCI group 35; these batteries are extremely popular for cars, trucks, RVs, and other automobile vehicles. This deep cycle and dual-purpose battery are also used in UPS, wheelchairs, and as backup batteries in much medical equipment.

The Everstart Maxx 26R battery belongs to the BCI group 26; this group of batteries is basically the mid-range batteries widely used for SUVs, smaller trucks, cars, smaller boats, and even power generators. The 26R and the 26 batteries are the same in all features the R refers to reserved where the terminals are set in a reserved position.


Everstart’s two-year replacement warranty backs both the models. If the customers face any problems within the first two years of purchase, they will get the warranty facilities.


Battery dimension is an important criterion to look for while purchasing a battery. If the battery is too big, it may not fit in the car engine, and if it is too small, it will not provide enough power to the engine. So, the battery’s size should be just perfect.

The Everstart Plus 35 Battery dimension is 13 x 6.9 x 9.3 inches, and the weight is 63.93 pounds. On the other hand, the Everstart Maxx 26R battery dimension is 12.9 x 6.8 x 9 inches, and the weight is 58.4 pounds.

Terminal Location

The Everstart Plus has positioned the positive terminal to the left side and the negative terminal to the right side. The 26R has set the positive terminal to the right side and the negative terminal to the left.

Our observation

The Everstart Plus 35 Battery is good for those looking for a battery with high cold-cranking amperage. The battery is also suitable for those who live in cold weather conditions. It can provide the needed power to start the car engine even under extreme temperatures. The battery is also backed by Everstart’s two-year replacement warranty, making it a good choice for the customers.

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