Gator FX Tonneau Cover Installation

The Gator FX Tonneau Cover is a stylish and functional addition for truck owners. It offers a hard-folding design that fits various truck bed sizes and protects your cargo from the elements.

The following guide will walk you through the Gator FX Tonneau Cover installation process on a 2014 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra. However, the steps remain fairly consistent for other truck models and sizes.

Preparing the Bulkhead

  • Installing the Bulkhead Seal: Before adhering to the seal, thoroughly clean the bulkhead using rubbing alcohol to ensure no dirt or grime interferes with adhesion. Position the seal as far away from the cab as possible while maintaining its placement on the bulkhead.

Installing the Side Rails

  • Drain Tube Placement: Consider your bed’s liner type (e.g., bed rug or drop-in liner) to decide how to run the drain tube. If a bed rug is installed, shorten the tube and nestle it into the bed rug.
  • Attaching the Rail: With the drain tube connected, place the passenger side rail on top of the bed cap, ensuring the aluminum tab is pointed towards the front and sitting on top of the bed cap. Ensure the seal is against the bulkhead and not obstructing the tailgate.
  • Positioning and Securing Clamps: Install the clamps ensuring the grooves align correctly with the rail, place the clamps strategically along the rail, and secure them without over-tightening. Ensure the rail is seated securely against the bed cap by applying downward pressure before fully tightening the clamps. Repeat the steps for the driver’s side rail.

Adjusting and Securing the Cover

  • Clip Receiver Installation: Attach the clip receivers to the cab panel of the cover using the provided bolts and backings.
  • Positioning the Cover: Place the cover onto the rails, ensuring the cab panel’s front seal is positioned over the bulkhead seal.
  • Installing Elevator Bolts: Drop the elevator bolts through the cover into the rails and secure them temporarily with rubber washers, flat washers, and star knobs. Ensure not to tighten them yet to allow for adjustments fully.

Finalizing the Setup

  • Adjusting the Cover: Proceed to unfold each panel, ensuring they are centered within the rails. Lightly fold the cover back towards the cab, ensuring not to misalign the panels.
  • Securing the Cover: Tighten the elevator bolts using the star knobs ensuring they’re snug without over-tightening.
  • Installing Rubber Bumpers: Gently fold the cover up to the cab, ascertain where it makes contact, and install the three rubber bumpers in those locations after cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

Test and Final Checks

  • Testing the Cover: Unfold each panel towards the tailgate, ensuring each one latches securely into place. Always remember to close the tailgate before securing the final panel of the cover.
  • Final Checks: Review the installation, ensuring everything is tightly secured and properly aligned. Pay attention to the tailgate and ensure it can open and close without obstruction.

The Gator FX Tonneau Cover is an excellent addition to any truck, providing extra security and protection for your cargo and bed. Following this systematic guide, you can confidently install your Gator FX Tonneau Cover precisely and easily.

Should any queries or challenges arise during your installation, feel free to seek professional advice or assistance to ensure your cover is installed correctly and securely.

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