Gator SRX Roll Up Tonneau Cover Installation

Ensuring the safety and security of your truck bed is paramount for any truck owner, and investing in a high-quality tonneau cover, like the Gator SRX Roll Up, is a commendable move. Not only does it safeguard your belongings from the elements, but it also lends a sleek, streamlined appearance to your vehicle.

 Here, we delve into a comprehensive guide on installing the Gator SRX Roll Up Tonneau Cover on a 2019 Chevy Silverado, which similarly applies to a 2019 GMC Sierra, new body style.

Aligning the Passenger Side Rail

Begin by identifying the passenger side rail, noting its distinguishing features, such as the inward-facing shelf, a velcro strip angled outward, a spacer block, and a clip towards the cab, as well as rubber seals on both ends (towards the cab and the tailgate).

Rail Placement

Close the truck’s tailgate and position the rail against the bed cap, ensuring it is centered between the bulkhead and the tailgate. Ensure the seals are making contact with the bulkhead and tailgate while the outer seal aligns perfectly with the top of the bed cap.

To maintain its position, enlist someone’s help to hold the rail or temporarily secure it using a squeeze clamp.

Securing the Clamps

With the rail securely in place, focus on attaching the clamps:

  • Front Clamp: Place it as forward as possible. Slide the clamp between the bed cap and rail, positioning it as high on the rail as possible without stressing the screw. Tighten it by hand until it slightly lifts the rail, then secure it further using a half-inch wrench or ratchet, preventing the clamp from spinning by holding it steady.
  • Middle and Rear Clamps: Follow the same process for these clamps, utilizing indentations in the bed cap or areas above rear tie-down cleats as reference points. Ensure each clamp is snug and securely tightened and that seals remain correctly positioned throughout the tightening process.

Tarp Placement

Place the tarp onto the rails, sliding it so that the bolt at its bottom aligns and drops through the oval hole on the rail.

Unclip any securing straps and fold down the tarp, ensuring it fits between the rails and that bolts align and drop through the appropriate oval holes on both sides.

Adjusting the Tarp

With the bolt protruding through the rail, add a spacer washer followed by a nylon nut, securing both sides with a 9/16 wrench or ratchet. Aim for a snug fit that allows for slight movement of the head rail for subsequent adjustments.

Roll, Test, and Adjust

Roll the cover towards the tailgate, testing its operation and adjusting tension to ensure smooth functionality. Ensure the cover retracts and extends easily, making any necessary tweaks to ensure optimal operation.

Installing a Gator SRX Roll-Up Tonneau Cover can significantly enhance the usability and aesthetic appeal of your 2019 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra, securing cargo while maintaining a sleek appearance.

This step-by-step guide provides a streamlined approach to ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process. For any queries or additional assistance, always feel free to contact expert resources available through your product provider.

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