Roll N Lock M Series Parts

Roll N Lock M Series retractable truck bed covers are known for their outstanding quality, design, and functionality. Yet, like any advanced system, individual components may need replacement over time to maintain optimum performance. Each part plays a vital role, from linkage assemblies that ensure smooth operation to the protective cargo shields.

Linkage Arm Assemblies

The Linkage Arm Assemblies of the Roll N Lock M Series are pivotal in enabling the smooth retraction and extension of the cover. Crafted for durability and reliable operation, they connect the retractable cover to the reel, ensuring precise movement.

Replacement parts should always uphold mechanical integrity to prolong the unit’s lifespan and assure secure cargo protection.

Spring Lock Assemblies

Spring Lock Assemblies play a critical role in ensuring your truck bed cover locks securely and maintains tightness. They engage and disengage the lock mechanism with a spring action, providing reliable, automatic security for your cargo.

Opting for genuine replacements guarantees that the precise tension and responsiveness of the mechanism are sustained.

Key Fob – E-Series

Even though the Key Fob is explicitly tailored for the E-Series, its convenience is worthy of mention. This wireless remote enhances accessibility and ease of use for retractable covers, facilitating an effortless open and close process.

A replacement key fob should exhibit robust construction and reliable electronics to ensure longevity and seamless operation.

Key Lock Assembly

The Key Lock Assembly is the primary security mechanism, safeguarding your cargo by restricting unauthorized access to the truck bed. 

Replacements must provide a steadfast, tamper-proof means, matched with smooth operability to maintain your retractable cover’s original functionality and safety.

Pull Straps

Pull Straps are essential for manual operation, aiding in the smooth opening and closing of the M Series cover. Choosing a durable, high-quality replacement strap is crucial to guarantee continuous, trouble-free use and to prevent potential damage to the cover from abrupt or forced movements.

Drain Tube Parts

Drain Tube Parts are indispensable for water management, directing water away from the truck bed ensuring your cargo remains dry and secure.

Replacements should maintain optimal diameter and flexibility to efficiently channel water without risk of leakage or breakage during operation.

End Caps

End Caps provide a polished look and added protection to the ends of the retractable cover. They ensure structural integrity and prevent accidental snags or scrapes with other objects.

Quality replacements should uphold the aesthetic and functional aspects, resisting wear and environmental impacts.

LP Lock Pocket Clip

The LP Lock Pocket Clip serves as a supplemental locking feature, enhancing the security and stability of the bed cover. Durable, resilient replacement clips are vital to maintaining the integrity of the locking mechanism, ensuring it withstands regular use without compromising security.

Lid Parts

Lid Parts are integral to maintaining the visual appeal and structural integrity of the M Series covers. Ensuring that replacements are of superior quality and design compatibility is crucial to preserving aesthetic and functional excellence, providing long-lasting, reliable use.


Maxtrak is the proprietary track system enabling seamless retraction and extension of the M Series cover. Replacement parts should preserve the sleek operation and robust durability, ensuring that the cover glides smoothly while safeguarding the mechanism from wear and environmental factors.


Tracks guide the movement of the retractable cover, ensuring stability and aligned operation. Replacing them with high-quality parts ensures sustained functionality, mitigating risks of misalignment or jamming and prolonging the cover’s durability and seamless operation.

Lid Assemblies

Lid Assemblies encompass multiple components that collectively ensure the structural and operational integrity of the cover. Quality replacement parts are imperative to maintaining the M Series bed covers’ synchronized movement, appearance, and durability.

Reel Assemblies

Reel Assemblies facilitate the smooth winding and unwinding of the cover, playing a pivotal role in its functionality. Sourcing genuine, high-quality replacement parts ensures that the retractable action remains smooth, precise, and reliable over time.

Cargo Shields

Cargo Shields act as a defensive layer, protecting your belongings from weather and potential theft. Ensuring that replacement shields are robust, weather-resistant, and durable is essential to maintaining the safety and security of your cargo.

Hardware Bags

Hardware Bags contain all necessary installation components and tools. It’s imperative that replacement bags offer comprehensive, high-quality parts to facilitate trouble-free installations and guarantee that the cover is securely and accurately mounted.

The Roll N Lock M Series’s intricate design and precise engineering make it a premier choice for truck owners seeking a retractable cover solution. Every visible or concealed component contributes to its seamless operation and durability.

Ensuring that each replacement part matches the original’s quality is paramount to preserving the cover’s functionality and the security and protection of your cargo.

By understanding and selecting the right components, you can continue to enjoy the unparalleled benefits of your M Series cover for years to come.

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