Roll N Lock M Series Review

In the vast world of truck accessories, the Roll N Lock M-Series retractable tonneau cover stands out with its innovative design, advanced security features, and an unparalleled blend of aesthetics.

After thorough research and hands-on experience, this article delves deep into the specifics of this product. Here’s everything you need to know about the M-Series and why it might fit your truck perfectly.

Feature Roll-N-Lock
Material & Construction Vinyl over aluminum slats
Canister Depth Ultra-compact, 7 ¼” deep
Design Low profile, aerodynamic housing lid
Operating Mechanism Torsion spring in 3″ aluminum casing
Rotation & Theft Protection Patented, contoured hinge design
Locking Mechanism Locks in multiple positions; compatible with tailgate locking
Installation Patented clamp-on track design
Warranty 3 years
Unique Selling Point Classic tonneau appearance with heightened security
Customer Support Location US-based

Material Grade
The M-Series brings together industrial-grade vinyl and aluminum slats. It ensures that truck owners enjoy vinyl’s premium finish without compromising aluminum’s robustness.

The aluminum undercarriage, highlighted by its patented hinge design, affords frictionless rotation and an additional layer of theft deterrence.

Design & Finish
The low-profile, vinyl-over-aluminum design of the M-Series blends the aesthetical grace of vinyl with the resilience of aluminum, providing truck owners with a stylish yet secure tonneau cover option.

Featuring a retractable functionality and a torsion spring, this cover locks in multiple open positions, making it versatile and user-friendly.

The patented contoured hinge design facilitates smooth operations, allowing for effortless opening and securing.

Storage Space
The M-Series retracts into a 7 ¼ inch deep ultra-slim canister, among the smallest in its class, ensuring more bed availability for cargo and other truck accessories without compromising the truck bed space.

Weather Resistance
The aluminum construction promises enhanced resistance to damp conditions, thanks to the inherent corrosion-resistant traits of aluminum, making it a suitable companion for all weather conditions.

Enhanced Security
The intricate locking mechanism of the M-Series, when coupled with the tailgate, provides heightened security, ensuring peace of mind for the owners.

This mechanism allows the cover to lock securely at various positions, making it a reliable choice for securing belongings.

The M-Series is specifically designed to fit 2019 – 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra trucks, considering the MultiPro/Flex tailgate types, making it a go-to option for owners of these specific truck models.

Warranty Period
The M-Series promises a quick and straightforward installation process with its patented clamp-on track design.

Additionally, it comes with a 3-year warranty and US-based customer support, enhancing its reliability quotient.

Aesthetic Appeal
The M-Series tonneau cover gracefully combines the ruggedness of aluminum with the polished look of industrial-grade vinyl, maintaining a sleek and classic tonneau appearance that adds to the aesthetic value of the truck.

Our Observation
From my vantage point, the Roll-N-Lock M-Series is more than just a truck bed cover—it’s an amalgamation of style, functionality, and security. The vinyl-over-aluminum construction is a masterstroke, offering the elegance of soft covers with the resilience of hard ones.

I’m particularly smitten by its compact design; the fact that it retracts into a mere 7 ¼” deep canister is genuinely commendable. This optimizes storage space without compromising the aesthetics.

The patented latching mechanism and simple installation emphasize the brand’s dedication to user convenience. Lastly, the 3-year warranty underscores a promise of quality and reliability. A stellar blend of innovation and utility!

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