Bak Revolver x4s Installation

The Bak Revolver X4s is a top-tier roll-up tonneau cover designed for truck enthusiasts who value both security and style. Not only does it offer protection from the elements, but it also ensures that your cargo remains safe from prying eyes and hands. If you want to install one on your truck, this guide will provide clear, step-by-step instructions.

Gather Necessary Tools

Before you begin, ensure you have all the required tools on hand:

  • A 9/16″ socket and ratchet
  • A 1/2″ wrench
  • Measuring tape
  • A utility knife (if minor cutting is required)

Inspect Components

Unpack your Bak Revolver X4S and lay out all the components. Ensure all parts are accounted for and in good condition:

  • Roll-up cover assembly
  • Side rails (left and right)
  • Clamps
  • Bulkhead seal
  • Barrel straps
  • Additional installation hardware and manual

Install the Bulkhead Seal

  • Clean the bulkhead of your truck bed thoroughly to ensure it’s free from dust and debris.
  • Starting from one end, peel off a small section of the adhesive backing on the bulkhead seal and apply it along the width of the bulkhead. Press firmly and progressively peel and stick till the other end.

Position the Side Rails

  • Locate the side rails and identify the left and right sides (they are usually labeled).
  • Position the side rails along the top edge of the truck bed sides, ensuring they are flush with the bulkhead.
  • Adjust them so they are level and equally positioned on both sides of the bed.

Attach the Clamps

  • With the side rails in place, slide the clamps into the rail’s slot, spacing them evenly.
  • Position the clamps under the bed rail and tighten them using a 9/16″ socket and ratchet until the rail is firmly secured. Do not over tighten to prevent damage to the rail or clamp.
  • Repeat this process for the opposite side rail, ensuring that both rails are secure and parallel to each other

Installing the Cover Assembly

  • With assistance, lift the roll-up cover assembly and place it on the installed side rails towards the truck’s cab.
  • Ensure the seal at the front of the cover assembly is seated on the bulkhead seal.
  • Roll out the cover towards the tailgate to ensure it sits evenly on the side rails and retracts smoothly.
  • Adjust as needed to ensure smooth operation.

Attach the Barrel Straps

  • Locate the barrel straps and attach them to the loops at the front of the cover assembly.
  • Secure the straps to the tie-down spots in your truck bed, ensuring they are tight and secure.
  • Roll up the cover and secure it with the straps to check their fit and tension.

Adjust and Test

  • Unroll the Bak Revolver X4S across the bed, ensuring it sits flush and latches correctly at the tailgate.
  • Check and adjust the alignment if necessary, ensuring the cover operates smoothly and locks securely in place.
  • Open, close, and lock the cover several times to confirm its smooth operation and security.

Final Checks

  • Ensure all clamps, straps, and components are tight and properly secured.
  • Confirm the cover is sealing correctly all around, preventing potential water ingress.
  • Make adjustments as necessary to enhance the fit and operation of the cover.

Installing the Bak Revolver X4S is a straightforward process that most truck owners can undertake with time and the right tools. Ensuring the correct and secure installation will provide a smooth operation and ensure the longevity and durability of your new tonneau cover.

With this guide, you’re well on your way to enjoying the benefits, security, and aesthetic appeal that the Bak Revolver X4S provides to your vehicle.

Note: Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual and guidelines to adhere to specific requirements and recommendations. This general guide is intended to be informative and may not account for model-specific variations.

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